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by: MJ O. Velasquez

Hello, our ka-IONIQUE! How are you?

We are blessed to welcome this new month that focuses on the importance of nutrition. We therefore dedicate this article to you, the hope of the future.

Meryenda Time

We are required to eat three meals a day to provide adequate energy for our daily activities. When one studies, more energy is required to compensate for the additional energy that the brain utilizes. Thus, students usually are encouraged to eat in between meals. These small meals are called snacks. They do not only provide additional energy but they also awaken the mind to enhance better focus, concentration and memory.

When snacks are taken, we usually do not consider the quality of foods that we eat. All we do is eat whatever is available or we eat cheap items of which the favorite choices are junk foods, such as candies, chocolates, chips, biscuits, doughnuts, pastries, and fast foods. Other snack items include fried hotdogs, kwek-kwek, chicken innards, together with sugary beverages such as soft drinks, juices, iced tea, milk tea, etc. These are taken primarily to satisfy hunger, cravings and thirst.

Do you know that all of those food and beverages may be so good-tasting to your tongue but they destroy your precious health as you grow older?

Processed foods are full of additives, artificial colorings and flavorings, preservatives and seasoning, and several chemicals that are very difficult to pronounce and are very unfamiliar to you. Obviously, they are very detrimental to your health. The most common is monosodium glutamate, better known as vetsin, a flavor enhancer but is toxic to the metabolism of your body, your reproductive and neurological systems, and it can also cause obesity.

Flavored drinks and soft drinks may have caffeine that acts as an addictive drug, which would explain the sensation that whenever you feel thirsty, you will look for juices and soft drinks, instead of water, the only accepted beverage for the human body. Caffeinated beverages make your body cells thirstier and they bring worse effects to your health as you age.

The street food that makes you drawn through its smell and sight, might be cooked in used oil, instead of a fresh coconut oil, or the production might have been unsanitary. These issues can cause diseases from pathogenic microorganisms, such as hepatitis A, typhoid fever, and gastrointestinal problems. It is always good to eat your favorite street food when you know that it is prepared and cooked properly.

While these food and beverages are readily available, so is a healthier food option, such as preferring nuts, boiled eggs (chicken or quail), local fruits, or freshly-made dishes. Another option are snacks served at home such as sandwiches, pasta, fruits, native cakes, and left-over meals which were prepared by caring mothers or domestic helpers. Pair them with the only thirst-quenching beverage, water. These are the food choices that will provide you with more brain energy and keep your body healthier.

Into The Specifics

Do you know that we need the six essential nutrients in our daily meals? These are carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals, and water. We can get the first four essential nutrients by eating brown rice, fresh meat, fish and poultry, vegetables and fruits. However, minerals and water are the two essential nutrients which are most neglected and ignored.

This is why we want you to correct your dehydrated cells by offering a daily hydration formula of 50 ml per kilogram body weight per day. While water is the most accepted water to drink, purified water bought from an accredited water refilling station is highly recommended.

Minerals are abundantly found in seawater. The best source is the MRI IONIQUE Mineral Drops sourced from the Great Salt Lake, Utah, USA. It contains 72 macro- and micronutrients with the primary ingredient being magnesium chloride which is very vital to all the systems of the body to function physiologically and biochemically at its optimum. This is taken by adding 10 drops into a glass of water 4 times a day, 30 minutes before each meal and at bedtime.

With that, you can now complete all the essential nutrients that you need every day in school. IONIQUE Mineral Drops will also give you the minerals that will improve your memory, thereby achieving higher scores.

If you are engaging in sports or other extra-curricular activities that require more physical strength, we can recommend elete, an electrolyte solution with higher sodium and potassium content. This can give you 10 times more energy and stamina. The direction for use is mixing 50 drops into one liter of purified water and take it to rehydrate.

Your Health, Your Future

As health advocates, we desire you to be in your healthiest state in your younger years so that you can reach your goals and dreams better. Pay good attention to the food and beverage that you feed on for they play vital roles for your future. May you choose the ones that will sustain you the most.

May this nutrition month be the path for a healthier version of you. Have a blessed and fruitful July, our ka-IONIQUE youth!

“Good habits formed at youth make all the difference.” - Aristotle



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