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In 1996, as a young Pediatrician in practice, I was introduced to a “water business” by one of my patient’s parent. He showed me the remarkable qualities of drinking water produced by his water purifier. I was so excited that I had an excellent drinking water that I can offer to my patients especially that they belonged to the most delicate age group. This “business” also forced me to do extensive studies on water. Since the human body is at least 70% water, I realized the importance and vitality of water on the daily physiologic functions that maintained health and wellbeing. During the studies, I discovered that water was useful to the human body only if it had the good qualities of what a drinking water should be. These qualities were: pure and devoid of any contaminant; rich in minerals; alkaline; hard; has oxidation-reduction potential of -250 to -450 mV and of low surface tension. Demineralized water or water without minerals was dead, non-physiologic and harmful that it cannot sustain life especially when drank for prolonged period. It was here that I learned to drink purified water supplemented with sea salt since I also discovered that sea salt contained around 40 minerals that are also vital to health.

In 2006, I was introduced to MRI Concentrated Mineral Drops (MRI CMD) by a friend who was suffering from myoma. I was very much elated and very grateful since it was the right mineral supplement that I was searching for a decade to supplement my drinking water. I now possessed the perfect ingredients of what quality drinking water should be. I implemented the principles that I discovered from the practices of most naturopathic doctors and became very adept with them. After two years of trials, I was able to devise an effective health program that helps resolve most chronic, degenerative diseases by merely utilizing two magnificent, life-sustaining natural elements. This new medical paradigm that redefines health management is now the concept of water and minerals, known today as “Tubig at mga Mineral: Sagot sa Kalusugan!” (Water and Minerals: Solution to Good Health!). Water is the “Liquid of Life”.

Without water, basic physiologic functions of the body cannot be accomplished. The vital functions are represented by its acronym:
W - works to keep body cells toned.
A - assists in weight loss.
T - transports nutrients and oxygen throughout the body.
E - eliminates metabolic wastes and toxins out of the body.
R - regulates body temperature.

Substitute water with other forms of beverages and one or all of these functions is affected and results to organ or system malfunction leading to disease. Minerals are the “Sparks of Life”. These naturally occurring substances play critical and vital physiologic functions in the body. These are also represented by the acronym:

M - maintain electrical nerve impulses.
I - improve muscle actions.
N - neutralize stress.
E - extract toxins out of the body.
R - regulate the water contents in the body.
A - activate enzymatic functions.
L - load up to strengthen the immune system.
S - sustain cell life.

Gary Price Todd, M.D., author of “Nutrition, Health and Disease” claimed that the human body needs at least 60 trace minerals in order to maintain a disease and ailment-free state. James Balch, M.D., author of “Prescription for Nutritional Healing” declared: “People won’t die without mineral supplementation but without it, one cannot regain good health once it is lost. These simple but very vital nutrients are part of the essential tools of healing.”

With the concept of “Tubig at mga Mineral: Sagot sa Kalusugan!” (Water and Minerals: Solution to Good Health), I was able to re-introduce the medical approach that is the most natural, the easiest, the safest, the cheapest and the most effective solution to health and wellness. It is reintroduction since the basic concept was introduced 150 years ago by Dr. Pierre Jacques Antoine Bechamp, a French who is considered as the world’s greatest physician. In his Cellular Theory of Disease Causation, he emphasized the importance of wholesome nutrition and hygienic, environmental cleanliness as the keys to the prevention and success against all diseases. Dr. Alexis Carrel, the Nobel Prize winner in Physiology in 1912, concurred with Dr. Bechamp’s Theory. He declared that the cell is immortal. It is merely the fluid in which it floats that degenerates. Renew this fluid at regular intervals, give the cells what they require for nutrition and the pulsation of life will go on forever.

The greatest physicians of the past generations never resorted to toxic synthetic substances to correct failing health problems. They merely corrected two basic principles governing health and well-being: first, providing the cells of the essential nutrients they require for quality life; and second, eliminating out excess toxins that cause damages to the cells of the body. With the concept of “Tubig at mga Mineral: Sagot sa Kalusugan!” (Water and Minerals: Solutions to Good Health!), these two basic health principles can be achieved and every sickness, every disease and every ailment can be conquered.

Today, after almost a decade of relying on this new natural approach to health and refraining from the use of any toxic synthetic substance on any sickness, disease and ailment, I have personally proven that the concept of “Tubig at mga Mineral: Sagot sa Kalusugan!” (Water and Minerals: Solutions to Good Health!) is the most natural, easiest, most logical, safest, cheapest and most effective approach to health management. Caring Most Dearly, Conquer Malevolent Diseases!

Medical Director, VER1REV Enterprise

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