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By Renato U. Paragas, M.D., The Waterdok


Back in my younger years, I heard a very simple song that I got in love with it.  It was played over the airways for just a few years and then faded naturally until Mr. Gary Valenciano revived it in 2004.  I was so happy to hear the song again.


The song began with the words:

“I remember so well,

 The day that you came into my life.

 You asked for my name

 You had the most beautiful smile…”


When I heard the song again after several years, I still had that intense love for it.  But this time, it described my present true love… IONIQUE Concentrated Mineral Drops and the concept of “Tubig at mga Mineral: Sagot sa Kalusugan!” that I created in 2010.  I remember so well in October 2, 2006, when my friend came to see me in my clinic in Manila about some concerns of her daughter.  It was here that she mentioned about her uterine myoma.  I informed her about my new medical paradigm using water and sea salt to treat diseases.  She smiled and said, “Rhen, I am using MRI CMD!”  “What’s the name?” I asked.  October 6, I became a duly registered MRI CMD distributor.  This started my very close relationship with MRI CMD.


“… My life started to change,

      I’d wake up each day feeling alright.

      With you right by my side

      Makes me feel things will work out just fine…”


Yes! After doing more researches and studies of what MRI CMD could offer, I found out that MRI CMD would further help promote my new medical paradigm.  With the mainstream, conventional mode of patient management using synthetic chemical products, and more patients ending up as victims of the adverse effects, I felt more confident that I had better options to champion malevolent diseases affecting my fellowmen.  MRI CMD being more natural, body friendly and of unequalled potency, I personally feel the assurance that I will wake up each morning not merely feeling fine but feeling all right… all right!  If it does to me, it will do to everyone.


“…How did you know

     I needed someone like you in my life,

     That there’s an empty space in my heart,

     You came at the right time in my life…”


In my almost two decade-long relationship with MRI CMD, now branded as IONIQUE Concentrated Mineral Drops, I am very much overwhelmed of its very wide therapeutic range.  Despite being a Pediatrician, I am able to help helpless elderly patients who are suffering from various debilitating, degenerative diseases that not only disable them but also crash their spirits as well, causing depression and other emotional problems that further aggravate their medical conditions.  Others are abandoned or forsaken by their own families due to the extreme financial burdens they provide to sustain their countless medications.  They are often mesmerized by my introducing IONIQUE Concentrated Mineral Drops to them.  “How did you know?”  A common question asked by my elated and grateful recovered patrons.


“…I’ll never forget

     How you brought the sun to shine in my life

     And took all the worries and fears that I had…”


The reward of being a Good Samaritan to suffering brethren is beyond compare.  The experience is unexplainable.  The value of life is immeasurable.  Through the decades of my practice, I oftentimes encountered the gratefulness of countless individuals, families and clans whose loved ones’ short or long-standing discomfort, pains and aches were resolved.  Sick people will never forget the new hope of life given to them like the sunshine sneaking in during the dawning of a new day or after a horrendous storm.  Of course, with the restoration of better health and well-being depart worries and fears of impending death.


“…I guess what I’m really trying to say,

     It’s not everyday that someone like you comes my way…”


Man has always been searching for the secret of youth and ways to staying superbly healthy and well.  There were numerous products that were introduced in the dietary supplement market but most of them failed.  Medical science has been searching for elements to explain every “dis-ease” of the body and it also failed because a disease is due to multi-factorial causes that are either deficiency of a nutrient or toxicity of something.  It is well known that every disease, every sickness, and every ailment can be traced to a mineral deficiency.  Minerals really play very vital roles to maintain an efficiently functioning body.  Sarah Mayhill, M.D., claimed: “I cannot think of a bodily department in which magnesium is not essential.  It boosts almost all aspects of cell physiology.  Magnesium supplementation is the SINGLE GREATEST THING we can do to help people avoid serious disease or recover from the ones they already have.”  I believe that “mineralized water” (purified drinking water infused with IONIQUE Concentrated Mineral Drops) is the solution you are searching for to conquer your pains.


IONIQUE Concentrated Mineral Drops’ main ingredient is magnesium chloride.  Magnesium deficiency alone causes around 65 medical conditions that are very prevalent these days.  Some of them are hypertension, diabetes mellitus, heart disease, arthritis, bronchial asthma, chronic kidney disease, cancer, osteoporosis, infertility, depression, dementia, panic attacks, anxiety disorder, and many more. IONIQUE Concentrated Mineral Drops users declare various testimonials to show proofs of its efficacy.  They boldly claim and affirm that IONIQUE Concentrated Mineral Drops is the most powerful, natural health-giving trace mineral supplement in the world, and like luck, it only comes once in a lifetime! 


“…No words can express how much I love you!”


IONIQUE Concentrated Mineral Drops, no words can express how much I love you!


The title of the song is “How Did You Know” composed by Ms. Cecille Azarcon and originally sung by Ms. Chiqui Pineda, released in 1993.





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