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by: Mary Jane O. Velasquez

“Arise, shine, for your light has come.” - Isaiah 60:1

As the month of April reaches its third week, it is hinting on the days of going to the beach with our family and friends, sight-seeing blossoming gardens, witnessing the majestic palette in the afternoon sky, waiting for the exact time of sunset to see its golden shine, and experiencing more day than the night. Behold, the wonders we see are the sneak peak of summer season.

Even though the pandemic is far from over, the blazing heat of the sun calls for the refreshing and relaxing time at the beach. If last year, every single person spent their summer days inside their homes, this time, the protocols are temporarily neglected to have a fun time like the regular days.

Spending the summertime is like having a party. People are together, beverages like soft drinks, juice and alcoholic ones are present, and finger foods such as chips are not forgotten. A summer body may be labeled as slim, sexy, or toned, but is it a real summer body when the said man-made products are ingested and the internal systems are suffering?

Dr. Renato U. Paragas, the Medical Director of VER1REV Enterprise, has an advocacy called “Tubig at mga Mineral: Sagot sa Kalusugan!”.

This concept discusses the violation of man of the law of nature: The lack of essential nutrients and excess amounts of toxins in the body.

The first violation is the lack of essential nutrients. The human body needs six essential nutrients to achieve a disease-free state. These are carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals and water. Sadly, water and minerals, which are vital in the biological activities of the cells and tissues are the two most ignored and neglected essential nutrients. Water gives vital functions in the body: (1) works to keep body cells toned; (2) assists in weight loss; (3) transports nutrients and oxygen throughout the body; (4) eliminates acidic metabolic wastes and toxins out of the body; and (5) regulates body temperature. On the other hand, minerals are the sparks of life. Their functions are: M – maintain electrical nerve impulses, I – improve muscle actions, N – neutralize stress, E – extracts toxins out of the cells, R – regulate water contents of the body, A – activate enzymatic functions, L – load out to strengthen the immune system, and S – sustain cell life. Without the enough supply of water and minerals, diseases occur.

The second violation pertains to how we ingest “undesirable” foods that are acidic, low in nutrients, filled with harmful chemicals and end up accumulating as metabolic wastes and toxins. Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, said, “Illnesses do not come upon us out of the blue. They are developed from small daily sins against nature. When enough sins have accumulated, illnesses will suddenly appear.” Since the beginning of time, nature supplies us with our vital needs. We have plants and animals that provide for us food, abundance of water, soil, and the blessing of the rays of the sun. But with every invention that we created; we have turned the nature that is supposed to be the solution to our body's greatest hungers to a man-made one. We have turned the only accepted beverage of man, which is water, to juices, especially powdered ones, tea, powdered milk, coffee, energy drinks, and alcoholic drinks. We have turned plants into instant seasonings and instant desserts, meat, and poultry to canned goods, and natural sources of carbohydrates to instant noodles. Instead of natural snacks like fresh fruits, boiled eggs, bread, and nuts, we prefer junk foods such as chips. In everyday that we prefer to eat these instant foods, we have ‘accumulated the sins’ inside of us, therefore making us vulnerable to sickness.

Dr. Paragas discussed in his online article entitled “COVID-19: A HIGH PRICE TO PAY FOR DISOBEDIENCE” that one should not substitute other beverages to water. He stated, “We are often misinformed that any fluid can meet the body’s water needs and that all manufactured beverages and fluids will serve the body in the same way as water. This is very evident during summer that even medical professionals advise the masses that any fluid will do the job to quench thirst. This is probably the most serious of all mistakes when it comes to fluid management of the body. The mistake is the background to all health problems of our society at present. Most of the manufactured beverages consumed today do not function like natural water in the body. Even milk and fruit juices cannot meet the body’s daily water needs. Like it or not, one must get used to the taste of water. It is critical that one prevents thirst and dehydration regularly and not wait to reach the kind of “water” that one perceives is tastier.”

Remember, our body is dependent on the foods that we eat and the beverage that we drink. We should be mindful in the food that we choose because our bodies are our number one asset, while we should let water cleanse the accumulated acidic wastes inside us. Always follow the proper hydration scheme with the formula 50 ml/kg/day and supplement our drinking water with IONIQUE® Concentrated Mineral Drops (IONIQUE® CMD). IONIQUE® Minerals is a mineral supplement that contains 72 macro- and trace minerals that the internal systems need to work optimally at its cellular and molecular level.

In this summer season and amid this pandemic, let us not forget that health is the greatest of our blessings. Let us have a summer body by eating the right kind of food and drinking the only acceptable beverage on the table.

“Know you not that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, which is in you, which you have of God, and that you are not your own? Therefore, glorify God in your body and in your spirit which are God’s.” - 1 Cor 6:19-20


I- Initiates a healthy regimen regularly.

S- Seeks a balance in time to take care of oneself while working.

H- Honest in one’s commitment to a balanced nutrition.

E- Eager in sharing their maintenance on a healthy body.

A- Attentive in showing love to oneself and others.

L- Loves to influence their neighbors on the wonders of water and minerals.

T- Trains one’s mind on being positive.

H- Helps in spreading the advocacy of Dr. Paragas like how the disciples of Jesus shared the good news to the world.

Y- Yearns a healthy summer body, inside and out, in every aspect, for every person on this world.



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