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by Mary Jane O. Velasquez

“She speaks with wisdom and faithful instruction is on her tongue.” - Proverbs 31:26

In a year where a day or month is dedicated to a person or group of people, only one recognizes the human representation of love in every home and the world: Mother’s Day.

This amazing woman carried a soul for nine months in her womb. Every day that she serves the Lord, she also needs to think of both her and her baby’s health. When she welcomed her newborn, every second seemed to stop and focused on that moment when she held her child. Raising a baby takes a lot of one’s patience, time, attention, and care, yet this woman somehow functions with superpowers. Even when she is exhausted from the day’s work, the second her eyes focused on her child, the weariness is instantly thawed, and the atmosphere is filled with comfort. When her child was taking baby steps to growth, every knowledge, principle, and culture was poured out; every story that she came to be was shared. When her child matures, he/she is recognized not only with his/her blessings in talents and skills but also in his/her goodness of heart, respect, responsibility, care for health and the environment, and his/her love for God; turning around to face the woman who never left you since day one, you witness tears of gentle proudness felt through your heart.

In between the little to big moments, of celebrating victories, of becoming her best friend, and following her steps as a child of God, do you also see a part of you that acts or looks like her? These irreplaceable moments of time are the little conclusions you tell yourself, “Wow, that’s my mother!”

Even though a mother acts like a superwoman, she will often let her cape and mask down, and let you witness her raw human side. The woman that always worked non-stop can be seen with a weary face, bulging eyebags, may complain of muscle pains and lack of sleep. Aside from work, she will still do the household chores such as dishwashing, cooking, doing the laundry, and find more time in her schedule to teach homework and ask you about your day. Of course, as toddlers/kids/teenager, she needs to look after you a little more to prevent you from getting hurt and guide you, but it is not limited there, as most mothers also secretly look after you in your adulthood. Every second of her time is for your life to be as best as she wants it to be.

As the person whom you consider your first love, your number one supporter in every passion that you develop and has been with you in your comfort zones to leaping in the bigger journeys, your mother also needs to be taken care of. As the saying goes, “The hardest part of growing up is realizing that your parents are also growing old.” Therefore, it is important to focus on their health, as it has always been their ultimate source of human power. Because of their hard work every waking up in the morning to the hour of going back to sleep, their body should always be boosted with the complete essential nutrients. Teach them to always hydrate properly, which has a formula of 50 ml/ kg/ day, supplemented with 10 drops 4 times a day of IONIQUE® Mineral Drops if without any illness and 20 drops 4 times a day when ill. IONIQUE® Mineral Drops contains 72-macro and trace minerals with Magnesium Chloride as the main ingredient. Your cells need to function best so provide the necessary supplements to boost the immune system. They are also the minerals that we must supply into our systems to achieve the true meaning of “wholesome health”. According to Dr. Gary Price Todd, the author of “Nutrition, Health and Disease”, “The human body needs at least 60 trace minerals to maintain a disease- and illness-free state.” Do not forget eating the right kind and amount of food and get some nature inspiration with your walks/run.

Remember, the big to small moments are the memories that you’ll forever cherish with your mother. Their random messages of showing concern and longing, not going to work to watch your school performance or graduation, going home after a tiring day to your favorite meal on the dinner table, the unexpected mother-and-daughter/son date, and the warmth embrace and greeting that awaits you every day is the reason why your mother is also your home. Her beautiful smile and heart-warming laughter are two of the amazing feelings in the world. Every second that you spend time with her counts, so take good care of her as she always takes good care of you.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers! You are always appreciated and loved. May God bless you always!

“You should be known for the beauty that comes from within, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is so precious to God.” 1 Peter 3:4


A – Accepts you in every flaw and lessons in life;

R – Reminds you to be humble in your successes;

E – Explores the world by your side.

M - Meets your needs without thinking of her own;

O – Offers the best advice in every situation;

T – Treats you like her best friend too;

H – Helps you overcome your fears;

E – Ensures that you get the best in everything, especially in strengthening your faith in God;

R – Real example of how Jesus loved unconditionally;

S – Strengthens your every step with her guidance, wisdom, love, and most of all, filled with prayers.



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