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Mineralized Kids Series: Part 2

by: MJ O. Velasquez

“Teaching is more than imparting knowledge; it is inspiring change. Learning is more than absorbing facts; it is acquiring understanding.” William Arthur Ward

Last August 4, the President of VER1REV ENTERPRISES CORPORATION (VEC), Vernie C. Opalla Ph.D., launched the 2023 BACK TO SCHOOL PROMO, which entailed the parents and guardians to participate in relating their stories on the health benefits achieved by their children and wards that took “mineralized water” (purified drinking water supplemented with IONIQUE® Concentrated Mineral Drops). They are to share their personal information, duration of the intake, and the amazing health effects they noticed in the children, both physically and mentally. The promo covered the period August 5th to 30th. Last September 6th, 52 entries were chosen and the prizes they receive are one bottle of (1) 60 ml IONIQUE Mineral Drops and one (1) bottle of 30 ml elete.

For this month, I would like to continue with the promotion of IONIQUE Mineral Drops with the introduction of IONIQUE® MINERALS CHILDREN that were raised with the use of “mineralized water” and how its regular intake affected their children’s everyday life.

Let me start with the Bibay boys, Riem Dwayne and Rujec Aer, as related by their parents, Mark and Jona, from San Francisco, Baao, Camarines Sur.

Dwayne started taking IONIQUE® CMD since he was born. His father administered a few drops of IONIQUE® CMD in water to maintain his health. On his third month of age, he already weighed 8 kilograms. When he reached 1 year old, he was able to walk without support. His father declared that his children got sick occasionally just like other children but they easily recovered from them. Once, Dwayne got sick. He developed a fever with a temperature of 40 degrees Celsius and yet, he did not develop convulsion. There was also an occasion when he suspected Dwayne to be suffering from dengue fever because after three days of high grade fever, he developed reddish rashes all over his body. Since he regularly took “mineralized water”, he was not brought to the doctor for a check-up. Instead, his father brought him to Waterdok for his professional assessment. That’s why he is very grateful with the concept “Tubig at mga Mineral” created by Waterdok. Dwayne’s daily intake of “mineralized water” of six drops four times a day, often with selenium at 2 drops twice a day had kept him safe of dangerous conditions. During the times of fever, he drank five drops of IONIQUE CMD every 4 hours until his fever subsided for two days. He can drink eight glasses of water or more in a day.

Dwayne is now almost 5 years old and weighs 22 kilograms. He drinks minimum of five glasses of “mineralized water” every day. “As his father, I am happy because my child loves to drink water. I’m totally surprised with the things that he can do already. He can memorize prayers, the national anthem “Lupang Hinirang”, even songs that they can just hear, or places they see, he can remember them well. When I bring Dwayne with me to deliver bottles of IONIQUE® CMD to clients, he points out the places we have been even when we did pass the places a long time ago. He can also recall the churches we visited, the church where his aunt got married, the schools that were mentioned to him, whenever we pass them. He knows his schoolmates. Last June, he graduated with awards of A-1 Child, Academic Excellence, Development, Best in Counting, Alphabet, Coloring, Most Improved, and Most Behave in the Day Care Center he attended .” Mr. Bibay added.

The other son of Mark is Rujec, nicknamed Ruru by his mother Jona. He is almost four years old. He weighs 13 kilograms. He drinks a minimum of 3 glasses of “mineralized water” a day.

“As a mother of two IONIQUE® Babies, I can say that IONIQUE® was of great help in maintaining their health, because they do not easily get sick and they are super energetic. Just like his older brother, Dwayne, Ruru started drinking “mineralized water” since infancy. Even though he is smaller than his big brother, he is more “bibo” or active. He started walking unassisted at 11 months old. He manifested his talents and skills such as memorizing songs, and the poems meant for his older brother, he also knows words without anyone teaching him. Ruru loves to swim and is still learning. What makes me happiest is seeing him drink water as if it’s his favorite hobby. When he goes to sleep, his feeding bottle only contains “mineralized water”. He can consume 250 ml. Today, he is ready to attend programs offered by our local Day Care Center.” Mrs. Bibay narrated.

“We are very thankful to IONIQUE® MINERAL Drops, most especially to WaterDok Rhen and Madam President Ma’am Vernie Opalla. ‘Mabuhay po kayo!’” they emphasized.

Another child who benefited from IONIQUE CMD is Liam Abraham U. Sabinorio, 3 years old, from Buhi Camarines Sur. Herewith are the narration of his father, Marvin. “Since Liam’s mother was still conceiving, she was already providing him of IONIQUE® Mineral Drops. She was taking a dose of 100 drops per day. Since the day Liam was born, we do not let him drink anything other than milk and water with IONIQUE® Mineral Drops. This helped him become stronger and healthier. During his infancy, he does not easily get sick; he does not get colds, cough, fever, or any sickness until he turned 1 year old. Every day, we do not forget to administer IONIQUE Mineral Drops directly into his mouth, and followed with purified water. Liam just got sick after his first birthday, said to have been caused by a supernatural force or “sibang” from attendees of his birthday party, but his sickness did not last long, and no other remedy made him feel better than the “mineralized water” we gave him daily.”

“Now that he is 3 years old, he does not get sick often. He has fast memory and picks up things easily, even the moments that has already passed in his life. We get surprised by the stories he relates because they were events that happened several weeks ago. He is very active and energetic. We do not have

problems feeding him because he eats a lot and he is not so picky. He eats vegetables and natural food since he was four months old. When he sees a chocolate drink or anything sweet, he rejects them and declares that it is sweet and is not good for his health. Proper nutrition supplemented with IONIQUE® Mineral Drops guarantees that your children will grow up healthier!”

Once again, I present children “mineralized” beginning their conception to where they are now, as narrated by her parents. These stories give importance to the vital and critical roles played by proper hydration and regular mineral supplementation in the promotion of health and wellness, and development of a child’s advanced physical and mental growth. IONIQUE® Mineral Drops supplemented in purified drinking water is an excellent health practice for an achieving child. I hope that their testimonials will guide you to improve and maintain your child’s healthy life leaning on natural health.

Tune in for the Part 3 in the next health article.

Thank you!

“Children are the world’s most valuable resource and its best hope for the future.”

John F. Kennedy

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