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Mineralized Kid Series: Part 1

by M.J.O. Velasquez

“Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” Proverbs 22:6

As we enter another month, the new norm of the school calendar is here. Thus, I dedicate my forthcoming articles to the youth so that they can be more nourished in the pursuit of knowledge and in the achievement of their dreams.

My last article, addressed to the youth, stressed on how choosing the foods and the beverages that they ingest can be vital to their future. I hope that you will apply it. Today, let me discuss how the usage of IONIQUE® Mineral Drops have helped children become more mineral nourished from their infant stage up to their present age.

I begin by introducing Deann Caitlyn P. Climaco, the daughter of Mr. Dean and Mrs. Lyn Climaco. Mr. Dean Climaco owns a Product Distribution Outlet (PDO) of VER1REV Enterprises Corporation in Lagonoy, Camarines Sur. His family has been using IONIQUE® Mineral Drops since December of 2017. He promotes the product in their locality. Ms. Lyn Climaco, a Public School Teacher, also nourished herself with IONIQUE® Mineral Drops during her pregnancy with Deann.

Born on September 9, 2018, Deann, almost 5 years of age, shares with us that IONIQUE® Mineral Drops help boost her immune system which keeps her away from getting terribly sick. Whenever she feels sick, she always asks for IONIQUE® Mineral Drops from her parents and excitedly takes them.

Ms. Lyn related that Deann was not feeling well once. She experienced severe stomach pain with accompanying fever. After consulting a Pediatrician, she advised Deann be admitted to a hospital immediately due to a suspected acute abdomen that may require surgery. They refused the advice and sought for a second opinion from Dr. Renato “Waterdok” Paragas, a Pediatrician and the Medical Director of VER1REV Enterprises Corporation. Dr. Rhen recommended that Deann drink purified water with some drops of IONIQUE® Mineral Drops to be taken every 4 hours. Few drops of Elemental Selenium and Elemental Zinc and Copper were also added into the regimen. With God's mercy, her condition improved quickly. This is the reason why IONIQUE Mineral Drops have been in their lives for many years now. They attest to the amazing, wonderful and miraculous effects.

“IONIQUE® Mineral Drops is highly recommended especially to those who do not want to take synthetic products. It is proven safe and effective even for toddlers.” Ms. Lyn boldly declared.

Ms. Lyn also claims that IONIQUE® Mineral Drops also played a vital role on her daughter’s health. “Deann takes few drops of IONIQUE® Mineral Drops mixed into her drinking water every day. It helps my daughter remain healthy and seldom causing her to get sick even during her teething days. Every time she experiences fever or a stomach upset, I just administer her the right dose of IONIQUE® Mineral Drops and she gets relieved quickly. It also helped my child’s mental development. She began talking clearly at the age of one year. She memorized the alphabet and numbers very early. My daughter is also aware of the health benefits of IONIQUE® Mineral Drops. I remember when I got sick, she kept on telling me, “Mommy, inom ka CMD!”, “Mommy lagay ka CMD!” On some occasions, she volunteers to instill a few drops of IONIQUE® Mineral Drops into her water. These are how IONIQUE® Mineral Drops have been part of our daily lives.”

According to Mr. Dean, his daughter has no problem understanding Tagalog, English, and Bicol languages. She is a fast learner. She remembers the lesson even if she heard it for the first time. She can easily recall it. She is a cheerful kid that has talents of vlogging, dancing and singing. Deann will be going to kindergarten this month, and we are very excited. We are looking forward to witness Deann’s growth in life as she makes her dreams come true while being an achiever physically, emotionally, mentally and most especially, spiritually.

I have presented a mineralized kid as narrated by her parents. This signifies the critical roles played by proper hydration and regular mineral supplementation in the promotion of health and wellness and in a child’s awesome physical and mental growth and development. IONIQUE® Mineral Drops supplemented in purified drinking water is an excellent health practice for an achieving child. I hope the information stated herein will help your child achieve a healthy life leaning on natural health.

Please watch out for Part 2 in my next article. Thank you!



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