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By RENATO “Waterdok” PARAGAS, M.D.

Today, there are several options one can choose to restore lost health. You can choose the mainstream, conventional western allopathic medicine that utilizes pharmaceutical products as the primary mode of management; complimentary medicine, referring to a group of therapeutic and diagnostic disciplines that exists largely outside the institutions where conventional health care is taught, a non-mainstream practice used together with standard medicine treatment such as utilizing acupuncture; or alternative medicine where a non-mainstream practice is used in place of the conventional medicine.

After practicing medicine for three decades, I have observed today that more patients are shifting to alternative medicine after being “sick” and “tired” of being so sick and so tired of utilizing the management the mainstream medicine provided them.

When adopting the alternative mode of disease management such as naturopathic medicine, a branch of medicine in which a variety of natural medicines and treatments are used to heal illnesses, the patient may undergo a state of discomfort or unpleasant experience as if the disease is getting worse rather than better. This condition occurs a few days right after the treatment is started. This state of displeasure is called the Healing Crisis or Herxheimer’s Reaction.

Healing crisis results when the natural agent(s) used to treat the disease begins to extract the toxins embedded in the cells of the body and eliminates them into the systems - most especially into the circulation - to be expelled out of the body. It may also happen when the endotoxins from bacteria or pathogenic cell death exceed the body’s ability to eliminate. It is basically a process of detoxification that the body must first undergo during the healing process.

At one point, you would feel as if you are being poisoned and this is due to the overwhelming toxins that accumulate in the circulation. Healing crisis is very natural and unique for each individual. The vast majority experience very mild symptoms while others may experience it more severely. You should understand that these symptoms are temporary and will subside as the body gets healthier and able to eliminate toxins more effectively. Symptoms usually reduce within a few days but on rare occasions, it can last for weeks. If you are suffering from major illnesses, the reactions may be more severe. This explains why you would have a brief flare-up in your condition. On occasion, the crisis will come after you feel at your very best.

Symptoms of healing crisis are headache; muscle and joint pains; body pains; diarrhea or increased bowel movement; passing out dark, foul smelling stools; foul urine; nausea; acid reflux; flatulence; bloating, abdominal distension; constipation; rashes; itchy skin; pimples; abscess; smelly sweat; lethargy, sleepiness; and insomnia. Other symptoms may include chills, fever, and negative emotions such as anger, rage, irritability and depression.

It is important not to suppress the symptoms since suppressing them just prolongs and worsens the disease. People, today, are inclined toward suppression of the symptoms via antibiotic, anti-depressant, anti-spasmodic, anti-inflammatory, decongestant, etc. which, in reality, are anti-healing. It is best to continue on the detoxification because toxins are obstacles and barriers for recovery.

To alleviate healing crisis, see it as a sign of progress and healing. Double your water intake. Water is the best medium for removing toxins from the body. Drink as much as you can! Drink 100 milliliters (ml) every 15 minutes while awake to super saturate your body and flush out every toxin. Drink a high quality, filtered water supplemented with IONIQUE Mineral Drops. Breath more consciously and deeply. Get as much sleep as possible. Sleep is very critical to healing and detoxification pathways. Ten to 12 hours of sleep is recommended during the healing crisis.

Most people base their health on how they feel and think that the natural approach is hurting them more when they go through a healing crisis. The longer toxins or pathogenic organisms remain in the body, the worse their health will be and the faster they will develop disease. Thus, be very patient and undergo the healing crisis believing that it is the first stage to recovery adopting the more natural approach to health recovery.



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