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Immune system booster              

Promotes better healing

Cancer fighter   


Aids diabetes treatment

Relieves arthritis

Protects the heart           

Growth and development

Aid weight loss 

Melanin production

Brain stimulant 

Iron absorption

Improves bone mineral density  

Co-enzymatic reactions 

Improves vision Anti-aging

Promotes digestive health           

Energy booster

Important during pregnancy       

Thyroid function

Relieves premenstrual syndrome             

Improves circulation

Boosts men’s sexual health         

Treats chronic fatigue    

Beneficial for body building         

Detoxifies the body        

Treats tinnitus   

Treats acne        

Boosts hair growth         

Protein synthesis             

Cell growth        

Promotes oral health     

Elemental Zinc + Copper

  • Recommended number of drops vary per person. Please send us a message or call a branch near you. 

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