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Prevents muscle cramps

Balances electrolytes

Regulates and balances fluid

Relieves sunstroke

Maintains brain function

Supports healthy heart

Reduces carbon dioxide

Cleanses teeth

Slows down aging

Retains moisture

Helps glucose absorption

Controls kidney reaction

Inhibit growth of pathogens

Regulate nerve impulses

Regulates blood pressure

Maintains vascular tone

Neutralizes stomach acid

Relieves itchiness

Reduces acidosis

Exfoliates skin

Treats uneven skin tone

Promotes oral health

Promotes restful sleep

Promotes weight loss

Stimulates a healthy appetite      Regulates & stabilizes blood sugar

Regulates neural function

Regulates & maintains water balance

Improves bone mineral density

Lowers kidney stone risk & helps manage them

Lowers risk of stroke

Co-factor for certain enzymes

Lower cardiovascular risks

Important for muscle contraction

Strengthens muscles

Reduces muscle disorders

Prevents cramps

Boosts heart and kidney health

Lowers & stabilizes blood pressure

Boosts metabolism

Reduces anxiety and stress

Improves nervous system



  • Recommended number of drops vary per person. Please send us a message or call a branch near you. 

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