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I often read in articles and books and hear in most health programs the statement, “Health is

Wealth!”. I believe that this statement has been mentioned for centuries to signify the vital importance of good health over financial wealth. This is very true for as a medical practitioner I have witnessed countless financially wealthy individuals who died of their illnesses that their hard-earned immense wealth was not able to save them. Obviously, money cannot buy and restore one’s lost health.

Lately, listening to the radio while brainstorming, I heard of a program entitled “Wellness is Happiness”. It was a very short program and it discussed some natural approaches to health. It provided useful health tips and encouraged people to adopt a healthier lifestyle. It also delved on the more natural ingredients we can use to correct our maladies and refrain from the use of synthetic chemicals which is often the case. It also addressed queries sent by the listeners.

“Health is Wealth” versus “Wellness is Happiness”. Which would you prefer? Which one will

you go for?

Wealth is defined by Investopedia as an accumulation of valuable economic resources that can be measured in terms of either real goods or money value. Merriam-Webster defines it as all property that has a money value or an exchangeable value. Happiness, on the other hand, is defined by Merriam-Webster as a state of well-being and contentment; joy.

After 40 years of my medical practice, I have observed that most patients who recover from their illnesses, especially those who have suffered for a very prolonged period of time, are very happy and joyous and do not mind spending most of their money to restore their health. Even their loved some share the same sentiments and do not mind getting into deep debt as long as the person they treasure remain with them.

I have this very special patient in his mid-50’s. Tony developed diabetes, hypertension, gallstones, prostate enlargement and stage 4 colon cancer. Some masses were also noted in his lungs and liver. One of his doctors gave him four months to live despite his undergoing surgery and several sessions of chemotherapy. He got sick and tired of how his illness was being managed. Being just a simple government employee, he had spent almost a million pesos for his various treatments.

One day, Tony heard our radio program then visited me and begged me to help him. Since he

was diagnosed to have numerous medical concerns, most especially stage 4 colon cancer, I was hesitant because it would require a miracle to save him. Since I believed that miracles still do happen even in today’s modern times, I presented my natural approach utilizing purified drinking water with a natural, very potent, ionic, health-giving mineral supplement and a special diet consisting mostly of vegetables, fruits and eggs. He was advised to avoid eating simple sugars such as rice, pasta, flour products, root crops and many more. He strictly complied with the prescription. After three months, his diabetes was controlled and his vitality returned. After a year, ultrasound report revealed that the masses noted in the liver, lung and colon disappeared.

Few days ago, four years after I first saw him, I caught him online on Messenger. I inquired how he was doing and requested he undergo another ultrasound of the abdomen. Today, he showed me the ultrasound report that revealed most of his abdominal organs including the colon appeared normal. Mass of any form was not observed especially in the liver and colon. His prostate glands were also normal in size. Again, I saw the happiness in his face and, the most special, was his sincere gratefulness of still being alive.

We all know Ms. Kris. She was a very famous media personality. For the past few years, she has been struggling from an unfamiliar disease that both the local and foreign doctors are at a loss of coming up with a good diagnosis of her case. Worse, they do not have the precise management that will alleviate her physical woes.

Ms. Kris has all the financial resources she earned from her past shows and, of course, her coming from a very affluent family. All of us saw the radiant smiles on her face when she regularly hosted various television shows and who can forget that peculiar laugh she sounded.

Today, we no longer observe those smiles and hear the laughter. Instead, we see her gloomy face signifying so much suffering. She has lost much weight. In one article I read a few days ago, people close to her advised her to fully submit and cooperate to whatever her doctors wanted to do and not question every test or procedure she had to undergo. I understand her predicament because prolonged suffering often causes irritability and impatience. Surely, she has now learned the importance of a healthier body over a healthier pocket.

When I advise a patient, I always put emphasis on two things to help him/her restore lost health. First is, to correct the existing nutritional deficiency; and second is, to thoroughly cleanse the internal environment of the toxins and other undesirable elements that affect the proper functioning of the bodily organs.

There are six essential nutrients the body requires to keep going. These are carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals and water. Of these, minerals and water are the most ignored and neglected because many individuals are not educated of these essential nutrients. In school, science classes focus more on the first four nutrients. Water, a major component of the body comprising approximately 70 percent of it, is not given due attention. The importance of water in the body is similar to the fuel in the tank of a vehicle. The motor engine operates on a specific type of fuel, either gasoline or diesel. Even with great difference of the price between them, no rational driver will mix the fuels in the tank, let’s say to save on gas expenses. Gasoline-run engine will only operate efficiently on gasoline. So does the diesel-run engine on diesel fuel. The human body is a very complex machine and putting any fluid of one’s choice will just cause its dysfunction and eventually result to diseases. For the past 16 years of my practice, I have witnessed numerous individuals overcome and conquer their chronic illnesses by merely recommending proper hydration utilizing purified drinking water supplemented with a special mineral supplement. As Dr. Fereydoon Batmanghelidj declared in his book, Your Body’s Many Cries For Water: “Most of the problem of bad health today is founded on the misconception that any fluid containing water does the job to quench thirst.” He further stressed that we are not sick, we are only thirsty, so, we should not treat thirst with medication. In his book, he mentioned almost 50 reasons why we should drink water only.

Because of the prevalent water pollution everywhere, we cannot just drink water from any source. It has to undergo purification first. Since there are numerous impurities in water that cause health effects, water must undergo various purification technologies to eliminate all the contaminants in it. Sadly, this creates another problem. During intense purification, the healthy minerals are also eliminated and without them, water becomes acidic and dead and unhealthy. Thus, I always recommend the water be replenished with a special mineral supplement. The brand I always recommend is IONIQUE Mineral Drops (IONIQUE CMD) manufactured by Mineral Resources International (MRI) and marketed locally by VER1REV Enterprises Corporation. You may check this product at the website: . With the presence of these natural, potent, food-grade sourced, ionic, health-giving minerals, the cells will not only be hydrated properly but they will also help extract the toxins and other undesirable elements out of the cells and the body. Water is the best cleansing agent and, together with the minerals I recommended, the true reasons why diseases exist will be corrected and good health will easily be restored. When this state is

achieved, happiness will evolve in their hearts and souls because wellness is happiness. Remember, happiness cannot be bought because it is priceless.



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