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Updated: Apr 1, 2021

by: Mary Jane O. Velasquez

“The Lord says, ‘I will guide you along the best pathway for your life.

I will advise you and watch over you.’” Psalm 32:8

VER1REV ENTERPRISE was founded by Vernie Opalla, Ph.D., a retired educator. In her thirties, she was working like a single mother of four because her husband was a seafarer who was always away from the family. By handling everything on her own, her life became stressful that it had a consequence on her health. She experienced having migraine headaches, blurred vision, severe body pains, toxic goiter, scoliosis, and heart failure. Due to her poor health, she got depressed and requested for her husband to come home and help her take care of the family.

On July 15, 2004, while on the way home from visiting her ailing mother, she unexpectedly met a co-passenger that introduced to her the product “MRI Concentrated Mineral Drops”. It was a mineral supplement that Ed, her co-passenger, claimed to “cure all diseases”, that it is a “miracle” product. Because she was feeling very ill, she did not pay attention to him and trusted more on pharmaceutical products. Another point was the phrase “No Approved Therapeutic Claims” found on the food supplement’s label that made her doubt more and be skeptical on its “healing power”. On her alighting from the bus, Ed handed her some flyers about the dietary supplement but upon arriving home, she was uninterested and threw them into the garbage bin. Strangely, she had a dream about the flyers that night. The following morning, she studied the flyers then contacted Ed, who formally introduced the product with a seminar in her residence. After she and her neighbors tried out the product in a two-week period, they experienced incredible results. Dr. Vernie felt more energetic, her toxic goiter was resolved, and her vision was restored to a 20/20. Feeling the miraculous effects, she decided to take a two-year leave from her teaching career to study intensively about the mineral supplement. She then became the product distributor in Naga City.

With her developed experience in product marketing, she established VER1REV Enterprise, Philippines’ exclusive marketer of the new branded IONIQUE ® Concentrated Mineral Drops (IONIQUE CMD), the genuine, authentic, original MRI-CMD from Great Salt Lake, Utah, USA. Also called as IONIQUE ® Minerals, this food supplement contains an all-natural, most powerful, health-boosting ionic trace minerals that helps restore the physiologic functions of an ailing body. Together with water, the “Liquid of Life,” they help detoxify, alkalinize, hydrate, and rejuvenate the cells, the basic, functional, and biological units of human body.

VER1REV ENTERPRISE was created so that its members can be channels of love by providing opportunities in creating wealth in health which will bless the world. Moreover, they are instruments that influences others to succeed by being role models of great achievements.

VER1REV Enterprise has a vision of global recognition on proper nutrition centered on water and minerals and leading people to better quality of life: physically and financially. Its mission is to develop and champion programs that educate people on proper nutrition highlighted on water and minerals as vital and crucial links to health and wellness; and educate and train people intensively and motivate them constantly to adopt effective entrepreneurial strategies to achieve their passion for financial freedom. It practices the core values of vitality, excellence, reliability, oneness, resoluteness, empathy, and visionary.

The company also promotes financial wisdom so that everyone that wishes to be a member and be part of the founder’s mission shall enjoy too the abundance of the universe, a majestic plan of our Creator. It has widened its coverage all over the country to pursue their advocacy of helping the needy, most especially the weak and sick. Through the great opportunities to help improve the quality of life, Dr. Vernie also offers business opportunities, with very minimal capitalization, to those who wish to join her advocacy and cause.

Monthly, Dr. Vernie offers seminars about the company’s concept: Tubig at mga Mineral; provides clients product promotions to make the products more accessible to those in dire need of physical healing; and most especially, it nurtures its employees in the spiritual aspect that it also invites more IONIQUE® Minerals users to attend the Feast Light.

Currently, VER1REV Enterprise is in a healthy and fruitful partnership with Mineral Resources International Inc., its supplier for the past 8 years.

“Behold, I will bring to it health and healing, and I will heal them and reveal to them abundance, prosperity and security.” Jeremiah 33:6

VER1REV Enterprise

C Creates a bond with people through a balanced nutrition,

AAssists with every concern virtually and in real-time,

RResponds to queries with knowledge imparted from the medical director, Renato "Waterdok" Paragas, M.D.

I – Initiates kindness and generosity radiated from the founder of the company,

N – Notable on their hard work and unwavering service for humankind,

GGuides oneself with wisdom and faith from the Almighty God.

M - Meets the care of everyone selflessly,

OOutstanding in character and dedication

S Self-disciplined with a healthy lifestyle,

TTreats every individual with kindness and compassion.

DDriven towards a country and a world of wealthy health,

E – Ensures a fair transaction with partners,

AActs more of a family with their advocacy,

R – Respects one’s journey with an illness and trusts in the T@M concept,

LLeaps from one place to another to conduct seminars in every opportunity,

Y Yearning of being shared throughout the country is now happening: a blessing the company is grateful for, and a miracle from God to every person who wants to achieve wholesome health.



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