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by Mary Jane O. Velasquez

“I learned that when God calls one to work for His greatness, He provides all the provisions he needs to pursue His call. All one needs to succeed is undoubting faith and a confident “Yes, I will!” to the calling.” – Vernie Opalla, Ph.D.

This August, we will take a look on the humble beginnings of Dr. Vernie Opalla that led to her living proof: her youngest daughter, Louise Janie Opalla Velasquez, being the eldest IONIQUE baby user, and how impactful the product is to a child’s development.

Before Dr. Opalla founded her company, VER1REV Enterprise, she encountered big challenges along the way. She was an educator and functioned as single mother of four children for her husband was a seafarer who was frequently away. Because of trying to balance her roles in the society, it took a toll on her health. She suffered from diseases such as headaches, body pains, blurred vision, scoliosis, toxic goiter and heart failure. Her poor health condition led to her depression and requested her husband to help her take care of the family.

It was stated on an online article entitled “VER1REV ENTERPRISE: ITS ROOTS AND SERVICES” that on July 15, 2004, Dr. Opalla experienced a miracle. “She unexpectedly met a co-passenger that introduced to her the product ‘MRI Concentrated Mineral Drops’. It was a mineral supplement that Ed, her co-passenger, claimed to ‘cure all diseases’, that it is a ‘miracle’ product. Because she was feeling very ill, she did not pay attention to him and trusted more on pharmaceutical products. Another point was the phrase ‘No Approved Therapeutic Claims’ found on the food supplement’s label that made her doubt more and be skeptical on its ‘healing power’. On her alighting from the bus, Ed handed her some flyers about the dietary supplement but upon arriving home, she was uninterested and threw them into the garbage bin. Strangely, she had a dream about the flyers that night. The following morning, she studied the flyers then contacted Ed, who formally introduced the product with a seminar in her residence. After she and her neighbors tried out the product in a two-week period, they experienced incredible results. Dr. Opalla felt more energetic, her toxic goiter was resolved, and her vision was restored to a 20/20. Feeling the miraculous effects, she decided to take a two-year leave from her teaching career to study intensively about the mineral supplement. She then became the product distributor in Naga City, Camarines Sur.”

“With her developed experience in product marketing, she established VER1REV Enterprise, Philippines’ exclusive marketer of the new branded IONIQUE® Concentrated Mineral Drops (IONIQUE CMD), the genuine, authentic, original MRI-CMD from Great Salt Lake, Utah, USA. Also called as IONIQUE® Minerals, this food supplement contains an all-natural, most powerful, health-boosting ionic trace minerals that helps restore the physiologic functions of an ailing body. Together with water, the “Liquid of Life,” they help detoxify, alkalinize, hydrate, and rejuvenate the cells, the basic, functional, and biological units of human body.”

Since the said date of IONIQUE Minerals discovery, Dr. Opalla has been letting her family use the IONIQUE Minerals in all maladies that they feel and it is the only product that they have been using for the past 17 years. One of her proudest moments is sharing that her youngest daughter only received IONIQUE Minerals in her infancy years, without any vaccination, and still up to this day. Louise Janie did not experience the diseases that were inhibited by vaccinations given to children. 18 years later, her “bunso” is now on her major step in her journey of becoming a college student, conquering her Senior High School years with excellence and achieving the best in wholesome health: “achiever physically, emotionally, and spiritually,” according to Dr. Paragas.

This success story represents how IONIQUE Minerals can be used as early as infancy stage in a child’s development. VER1REV Enterprise’s medical director, Dr. Renato U. Paragas, is a licensed pediatrician who also prescribes the use of IONIQUE Minerals for children for more than 10 years without vaccinations or antibiotics.

To provide more evidence in its effectiveness to a child’s development, Dr. Opalla, on her post-graduate studies, conducted her doctorate dissertation entitled “Mineralized Water and Pupil’s Physical and Academic Performance” that “focused on the effects of drinking potable purified water with and without the mineral supplementation of fifty pupils, homogenous class, of the Grade Six – Jupiter of San Jose North Elementary School, Pili, Camarines Sur during the school year 2010-2011.”

Dr. Opalla’s study had objectives of: “(1) Finding out the health history and drinking water habits of the pupils, (2) Evaluating the physical performance of the pupils who drank potable water with and without the mineral supplementation in the four core subjects namely: Science and Health, Filipino, Mathematics and English; (3) Assessing the academic performance of the pupils who drank potable water with and without the mineral supplementation in the four core subjects namely: Science and Health, Filipino, Mathematics and English; (4) Determining the significant differences in the physical performance of the pupils who drank potable water before and after mineral supplementation; and (5) Finding out the significant differences in the academic performance of the pupils who drank potable water before and after mineral supplementation.”

Her study was a success in meeting its objectives. “The findings of the study revealed that the intake of mineralized potable water markedly improved the strengths, speed, and stamina of the experimental group than that of the control group. The results of the tests in four core subjects showed that the pupils who drank mineralized potable water attained higher scores. In terms of their physical performance, the pupils with supplementation of mineralized potable water showed significant relationship with strength, speed, and stamina. The academic performance was noted numerically in Science and Health, Filipino, and English but statistically, only Mathematics was found to be significant.”

The study concluded that the “proper intake of mineralized potable water improved the pupils’ physical performance and skills in Mathematics.”

Since Louise Janie grew with IONIQUE Minerals, her critical thinking is sharp, especially when it comes to Mathematics. She can quickly do mental calculations when asked right away. Her physical performance is also excellent. She has joined the badminton varsity team when she was in Junior High School and bagged awards. Most importantly, she gives value to her overall health, which emphasizes on her spiritual aspect.

Louise Janie is one of the babies that have been raised with IONIQUE Minerals supplementation. This gives a message to all of us: a baby needs all of the essential nutrients met with high regard for water and minerals as both of these are the most neglected nutrients out of the six. Not only do water and minerals help in the combat of disease, but also gives a wholesome health that ultimately makes you an achiever in life.

“I established VER1REV ENTERPRISE for the following reasons: first, to accomplish the God-given mission to promote His “miraculous” product; second, to educate people on the simplest means in maintaining health and wellness; and third, to offer marvelous opportunities to people seeking financial freedom through helping others ease their physical sufferings.” – Vernie Opalla, PhD


A – Appreciates the importance of water and minerals to health;

R – Ready for the challenges of the day;

E – Exemplary in how they take care of their body: only taking water and nutritious foods.

A – Attentive with their academic performance and physical activity;

C – Creatively hones their talents;

H – Harmonious with their thoughts and actions influenced by water and minerals;

I – Instills unique critical thinking skills;

E – Elevates themselves through their core strengths;

V – Visionary; their mindset is towards their goals;

E – Excellent not just in mind but also with their emotional quotient;

R – Recognizes their ultimate source of wisdom: their spiritual connection with God;

S – Shares their journey with the Tubig at Mga Mineral concept wholeheartedly through the people that they meet and are close to them for it is a true blessing.



Velasquez, V.O. THE VISION THAT DESTINED MY LIFE JOURNEY: A God-Given Mission. pp 43, 52, 77-80


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