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by Mary Jane O. Velasquez

In our country, we celebrate the spirit of Christmas months before December. Once “September 1” hits our calendars, we greet one another with “Merry Christmas” and feel the Christmas breeze blessing us as we have lived through the heat of summer.

Indeed, whenever “-ber” months hit our calendars, we ready ourselves with the warmth of the sweater, the taste of hot beverage, and the cozy feeling of our bed. These are declared lazy, cold nights, and a declaration of our clingy side to our family members or that special someone, for we crave their hugs and cuddles.

Yes, it is one of the best feelings we experience, but there is one action there that is creating a worse feeling inside our bodies – it is the ingestion of beverages other than water.

Dr. Renato U. Paragas, the WATERDOK of the Philippines and author of three books entitled “The #1 Reason Why You’re Sick”, “The #1 Reason Why You’re Diabetic”, and “The #1 Reason Why You’re Hypertensive” said in his online article with a title of “COVID-19: A HIGH PRICE TO PAY FOR DISOBEDIENCE” that people are misinformed with substituting other beverages to water. He stated, “We are often misinformed that any fluid can meet the body’s water needs and that all manufactured beverages and fluids will serve the body in exactly the same way as water.” This is very evident during summer that even medical professionals advise the masses that any fluid will do the job to quench thirst. This is probably the most serious of all mistakes when it comes to fluid management of the body. The mistake is the background to all health problems of our society at present. Most of the manufactured beverages consumed today do not function like natural water in the body. Even milk and fruit juices cannot meet the body’s daily water needs. Like it or not, one has to get used to the taste of water. It is critical that one prevents thirst and dehydration regularly and not wait to reach the kind of “water” that one perceives is tastier.”

As much as we want the warm feeling of hot tea or chocolate on our throat, we should remember that water is the only accepted beverage created by God. Water is part of the six essential nutrients, but sadly, it is also one of the most neglected essential nutrients, together with minerals. Water gives vital functions in the body that are as follows: (1) works to keep body cells toned; (2) assists in weight loss; (3) transports nutrients and oxygen throughout the body; (4) eliminates acidic metabolic wastes and toxins out of the body; and (5) regulates body temperature.

Instead of a hot cocoa or tea that was bought from the grocery store, we can create an alternative beverage coming from natural spices such as boiling water with natural ginger, or mixed with natural leaves such as boiling water with fresh malunggay. The truth is, we should opt to use the natural resources rather than the synthetically-made ones. It is much healthier to ingest fresh edible food and potable water than to rely on processed and preserved goods because we are never fully aware of what chemicals are used to prolong its shelf life and how it can have a negative impact in our body. Even after satisfying our beverage-craving with alternative natural leaves and spices, our water intake should be our number one priority and should always be proportional to the amount that our body cries for.

Dr. Paragas also mentioned that water is specifically needed by our cells in order for our organs to work in their best state. “The blood is 80 to 90 percent water and it is here where the nutrients and oxygen are being dissolved and distributed to the 100 trillion cells comprising the body. Without water, the cells won’t be properly nourished causing their weakening then resulting to their deterioration and death from organ failure.”

Always follow the proper hydration scheme. The formula of 50 ml/kg/day. Since today’s drinking water is polluted and the contaminants need to be eliminated prior to drinking it, most drinking water are demineralized. Water without minerals is dead, acidic and unhealthy to consume for a very prolonged period of time. To correct this, Dr. Paragas recommends that we should restore the lost minerals by supplementing our drinking water with IONIQUE® Concentrated Mineral Drops (IONIQUE® CMD). IONIQUE® Minerals is a mineral supplement that contains 72 macro- and trace minerals that the internal systems need in order to work optimally at its cellular and molecular level.

Let us celebrate the Spirit of Christmas prioritizing our health so that we can share the goodness of the gift of life and the birth of Jesus happily with our loved ones.

“But whoever drinks of the water that I shall give him will never thirst; but the water that I shall give him will become in him a fountain of water springing up into everlasting life.” John 4:14


Instantly boosts our immune system

Supplies the human body with best health

Works to fight off foreign microorganisms

Accelerates our way of thinking

Traces our internal systems which we depend on

Exhibits a great comfort in differing temperatures

Rescues our life and cleanses it to serve God’s temple

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