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by: Mary Jane O. Velasquez

Here we are, the first month of the year. How are we doing so far? I hope everyone knows they are blessed each day. Every breath we take equates to another chance to step in our game, to reach for our dreams, and to grasp that one huge goal in life. The question is, so far, have we been religious with our resolutions?

Our new year's resolutions are the promised changes that we do to fulfill the New Year. We keep them in our diaries or journals and hopefully come across it by the end of the year and cross out one or all of them. It can be a gradual consistent change for years, in which the importance is to start now, or a short-term goal.

One of the resolutions often desired is the promise of being healthy. This can be specific to losing a certain amount of weight, doing a workout routine, sleeping 8 hours a day and not binge-watching shows, or following a ketogenic diet. I also know that these phrases are easy to write than to do, especially those long-term resolutions we wrote. However, with the discipline, dedication, and honesty to oneself, the grit will follow and hard work will eventually pay off.

The resolution to a healthy life starts when you acknowledge that there is a lifestyle that must be followed. It means that you are aware of the kind of food that you eat which are acidic to the body. For instance, eating processed food that are mostly present in fast food restaurants, plastic packed and ready to eat, or canned goods. But it is not limited only to food that a person can chew, but also the beverages that one consumes. These are soft drinks, juices (powdered or ready-made), energy drinks, milk, tea, milk tea, chocolate drinks, alcoholic beverages, and many more. These synthesized food and beverages must be omitted in the daily diet because they will not satisfy the “healthy” brand we seek.

In addition, allowing yourself to divulge in the meaning of healthy means that you are wise to choose nutritious food and drink only water. In choosing, a human body requires the complete six essential nutrients (carbohydrates, proteins, fats, water, vitamins, minerals) in their systems to efficiently manage its biochemical and physiological systems. Why is it not acceptable to drink other beverages? It is due to caffeine and other toxic substances that have deterrent effects in our systems.

On the other hand, among the six essential nutrients, water and minerals are the most ignored and neglected ones. It should not be this way, because water gives the following vital functions in the body: (1) works to keep body cells toned; (2) assists in weight loss; (3) transports nutrients and oxygen throughout the body; (4) eliminates acidic metabolic wastes and toxins out of the body; and (5) regulates body temperature. On the other hand, minerals are the sparks of life. Their functions in the body are to: M – maintain electrical nerve impulses, I – improve muscle actions, N – neutralize stress, E – extracts toxins out of the cells, R – regulate water contents of the body, A – activate enzymatic functions, L – load out to strengthen the immune system, and S – sustain cell life. Without the enough supply of water and minerals, diseases may certainly occur.

Remember, our body is dependent on the food that we eat and the beverage that we drink. We should be mindful of the foods that we choose because our bodies are our number one asset, while we should let water cleanse the accumulated acidic wastes inside us. Always follow the proper hydration scheme with the formula 50 ml/kg/day and supplement the drinking water with IONIQUE® Concentrated Mineral Drops (IONIQUE® CMD). IONIQUE® Minerals is a mineral supplement that contains 72 macro- and trace minerals that the internal systems need to work optimally at its cellular and molecular level. With the satisfaction of the essential nutrients, water as the only beverage, and in our spare time, we can do brisk walking or any form of exercise, then we can achieve our resolutions pertaining to health.

With this in mind, I believe that our 2023 resolution of being healthy can be reached and fulfilled. An attainable goal is one with a proper plan, mindset, and action. On the other hand, small steps are also progress, so let us be gentle with ourselves during the first weeks, get used to the healthy routine, and follow the path to health and wellness. I wish you all a healthy life for 2023 and always!


H- Honest in one’s commitment to a balanced nutrition.

E- Eager in sharing their maintenance on a healthy body.

A- Attentive in a healthy regimen regularly.

L- Loves to influence their neighbors on the wonders of water and minerals.

T- Trains one’s mind on being positive.

H- Helps in spreading the advocacy of Dr. Paragas like how the disciples of Jesus shared the good news to the world.



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