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by Mary Jane O. Velasquez

August marked the timeline in our lives that we have survived eight months of all the challenges that have happened in this year, 2020. The question is, are we winning our fight against an unseen enemy, or are we devastatingly losing it? To give some recap on the state of our country, the number of COVID-19 cases has increased to 210,000 since August 28. The quarantine was lifted off in most municipalities, and for some, it being reinstated for worsening number of cases. All establishments are open, and social distancing is often followed except in supermarkets and public markets.

Looking at the worldwide death toll, the COVID-19 has taken more than 830,000 lives. Before this pandemic that we experience now, many viruses became a serious threat to mankind. The history of some of the deadliest viruses was first noted in the 1300s, wherein the Bubonic Plague, also known as “Black Death” killed 200 million people in Europe and Asia that labeled it as the “deadliest pandemic noted in human history”. In the 1500s, the Smallpox wiped an entire Aztec empire with death toll of 56 million. During the 1800s, the Great Plague in Europe had a death toll of 12 million, and in the early 1900s, the Spanish Flu killed 50 million. The curiosity in us asks: are these viruses still existing today?

Recent researches says that these viruses are still present today. These viruses are capable of mutation throughout a long span of time. If we look at the years stated above of the pandemics and epidemics, we can see that in every century, there is always a new type of virus. Now we ask how and why are we not affected by these deadly viruses. It is because the world continues to change. The climate change is worse than centuries ago. Some of these viruses may be extinct, and some are always undergoing mutation. If these viruses are able to mutate, we are also capable of adaptation to the extremes of our world little by little. As we adapt, our body creates its own immunity against the foreign or pathogenic microorganisms of the world. This uniqueness in us also gave us an advantage with our health, as to how we can make it stronger so that mutated viruses cannot enter or affect our body.

This article is addressed to the doctors of the future, to the present doctors, to those aspirants, or with a heart to serve; the strong-willed, even with the tragedy of the challenge that we face now.

Thomas Edison, an inventor and a businessman, had a vision for the day that we live in. “The doctor of the future will give no medicine but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.”

When we encounter problems, what we do is either look for an escape or to solve it by facing it. When we choose the former, we tend to make excuses, tend to neglect it at first because the problem can be solved later, and we create diversions, unknowingly making the problem worst. When we opt to choose the latter, we go directly to the source of our problems. We solve them as soon as possible, with the best remedies and treatment to both the problem and ourselves. To serve as an example, if we experience a cough or cold. You did not know as to how you acquired it and it was mild at first, so you did not treat it seriously. You still ate your favorite chocolate cake and a lot of chips to satisfy your cravings because it is a treat to yourself after a tiresome week. After a few days, the cough and colds are worse than before, and you now have a fever. This eventually leads to an absence in your working days, and you are bedridden at home, obligating your loved ones to stay away from you because of the fear of transmission of infection. In the other hand, if you have been alarmed that you are experiencing the mild symptoms, you will act fast. You will treat yourself with more water, more essential nutrients, and more rest. The end result is that, you are still in great shape and in good health to accomplish your daily tasks, and come home to a family that will soothe your stresses away.

To be a doctor of the future, we need not to give medicine to the sick; we find the source of the disease and teach them how to get well from it and to prevent it and more diseases to develop in their bodies. We, as doctors of the future, prescribe the right amount of water based on their weight, the number of IONIQUE® Mineral Drops, the time to take the dosage of water and IONIQUE® Mineral Drops, and to eat sufficient amounts of nutritious food that they need. How can enough water intake, observed drops of IONIQUE® Mineral Drops, and eating nutritious food treat diseases? It is rather a blessing to witness the magnificence of the IONIQUE® Mineral Drops that came from the Almighty God. One drop contains 72 macro and trace minerals that the body needs in order to quench the mineral deficiency inside us. As we know, water is at least 70 percent of our body composition, therefore any sign of dehydration will have a negative effect on our health. Eating nutritious foods that contain the remaining essential nutrients gives our body the energy it needs in order to do tasks to our best abilities. What is the role of IONIQUE® Mineral Drops in preventing diseases? It boosts the immune system to as much as up to 300 percent. It keeps you confident that you can go out of your residences with invisible microorganisms around you, and yet, not being affected by the consequences of acquiring them.

After all, we, as doctors of the future, always aim to achieve our number one priority: to see the genuine smiles of our patients that are 100 percent in their best health.

Together, let us be doctors of the future, and achieve a world where sickness does not stand a chance.


F- ights with our life for you

U - nderstands the source of the disease

T - reats you with utmost care

U - ndoes the habits that keeps your body with toxins

R - escues you from your dis-“ease”

E - nsures that you will be of your best health

D - estroys your initial worries for hospitalization

O - utstanding in keeping you and your family healthy

C - heers for your decision into a healthier life

T - eaches you with all their expertise

O - ne of the instruments of God to a healthy future

R - eady to serve His calling of helping you be the healthiest version of yourself

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