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by Mary Jane O. Velasquez

“Hardships often prepare ordinary people for extraordinary destiny.”

– C.S Lewis

For many months now, we have seen how the COVID-19 pandemic affected our health, economy and overall living. It was the scrutinizing days that made us wonder how everything would be like if we went back to normal, or will a “normal” still exist if this pandemic is over.

The “New Normal” has existed in times of crisis that is a term used for financial status in business and economics. It can be seen as to how establishments will cope with the change, especially that the quarantine period is being loosened in low-risk areas of countries. These businesses try to look at another angle like shifting to online business to provide for their consumers, and how the government will declare tax in this trying times. Under such talks, “New Normal” is viewed as means of delivering goods and services to customers in a whole new way.

In another viewpoint, the “New Normal” has also let us perceive that even if the enhanced community quarantine and general community quarantine will soon be lifted in all countries, physical distancing should still be observed, and other norms that we “normally” do before like going to the mall, eating at restaurants, having a gathering together in special occasions and such are restricted and may possibly not happen anymore.

But there is another side of the “New Normal” that we should prioritize and embed in our hearts: it is our health.

This pandemic has introduced to us that health is the most important factor that we should take care of.

We should always remember to strengthen our immune system by observing good hygiene, drinking adequate amount of purified water, eating nutritious foods, doing exercise, getting sufficient sunlight, and supplementing our internal systems with IONIQUE® Mineral Drops to help with our body’s physiological functions and to greatly achieve wholesome health.

Ironically speaking, we may be living in a “New Normal” state, but we should remember the traditional way of eliminating diseases and illnesses in our bodies, which is to quench our dehydrated internal systems with purified drinking water supplemented with essential nutrients, especially minerals. If we violate the laws of nature, we are compromising our entire health and well-being. This is why Hippocrates said “Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food.”

If we look back, when the COVID-19 was just starting to be a global problem, we were frantic in buying face masks, rubbing alcohol, hand sanitizers, tissue rolls, and soaps because we needed to be ready. Aside from that, we also had to panic-buy food supplies because of the quarantine we faced or are facing now. If we did rush ourselves before, then now that we’ve been through the crucial times for five months, we should already know what to do. As a matter of fact, after every natural disaster or crisis that we have faced, we became more resilient and braver. We tend to be strengthened more by such phenomena and we would know what to do when it happens again.

With that, let us accept and be ready with the “New Normal” by always being in good health. As what Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine once said, “A wise man ought to realize that health is his most valuable possession.”


Normal that is of another level,

Existed out of this pandemic,

With our only choice is to follow.


One new normal is a great blessing;

Redefining our readiness for our future;

Maintaining our good health;

Aiding one another in this crisis, and;

Loving and being grateful to God more each day.

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