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by Mary Jane O. Velasquez

“Let all that you do be done in love.” 1 Corinthians 16:14

This month, in its regularity, is the season of love. People always look forward to having a special moments with their significant other or with their families on Valentine’s Day.

In the old normal, celebrations often happen outside of the house. People book reservations at restaurants, buy tickets for a movie or concerts and walk around the park to fill in moments of time. Markets and streets are flooded with beautiful flowers, sold out as bouquet for a surprise in the assigned date.

Today, making memories are mandatory inside homes. A special day with a perfect feast just for the family is enough to call it a “celebration”. With a special occasion for the lovebirds, a homemade date on the rooftop is a beauty in simplicity.

All of these made us think of one of our basic needs, which is food. It is a given for this crisis that we just go to the market to buy fresh ones and do homemade meals, but it is inevitable for us to crave foods that we were used to eating in fast foods and restaurants, right?

With the news of the Sars-Cov-2 strain undergoing a series of mutations, two kinds of people exist: one that thinks of another possibility for a lockdown again, and the other one that got fed up by all the COVID-19 news that they do not give importance to it anymore. Both kinds of people need to continue making a living despite the crisis that we live in, but there is always the pressure of their inner self saying that they also need to take a break. The self looks back to their regular experiences before, which was completely turned upside down at the present. The self is melancholic, wishing to do the pleasing habits one more time.

This is why even if there are strict protocols and COVID-19 is still around, everyone is still fixated on eating outside. Their usual go-to restaurant or fast-food chain creates a feeling of comfort through their sad and frustrating hours, and memories with their friends and families.

This is understandable, since we also need to let ourselves breathe for a while, and a habit is hard to let go of.

But if what people most crave about are the processed foods like chicken fillet, junk foods like potato chips, and beverages like soft drinks, juices, and milk tea, then this is an alarming habit to keep.

In my previous article, I have discussed that the beverages other than water that mankind has been drinking every day, accompanied by their lack of supplementing proper hydration and minerals, have given them a state of unintentional chronic dehydration or UCD and the reasons why it happens in our body.

Did you also know that UCD is a consequence of the violation of the law of nature?

In fact, it is the concept behind “Tubig at Mga Mineral” coined by the medical director of VER1REV Enterprise, Dr. Renato U. Paragas. So many people develop diseases because of the violation of the law of nature: their lack of essential nutrients (water and minerals) and the excess of toxins (processed foods, junk foods, man-made beverages accumulated) in the body.

If you are one of the people with the bad eating habits, then you also cannot help sharing your food to your loved ones. If we also give the said foods and beverages to them, then this form of love also poisons them.

If we think about the habits that are bad for us, then we are going to end up doing them. We know that it is already bad for us but we end up doing the same deed again. What we must do is to replace this habit with a positive one. For example, instead of potato chips, we can have homemade kamote fried strips or bananacue. Instead of chicken fillet, marinate and cook your own fried chicken, or buy from stalls that sell fresh cooked chicken every day. Instead of drinking soft drinks, juices or milk tea, train your tongue with only water. It will not just hydrate your overall physiological activity; you can also feel it with your improved metabolism, glowing skin, and mind relaxation.

We have to remember that everything starts with our mindset. The first step to change is to think of improving yourself, then acting upon it. What we attract is what we manifest.

Valentines before may have just existed for couples, but this pandemic brought the special day another meaning: it is being closer to our families, and also giving a time to show love to ourselves.

Let us celebrate Valentine’s Day in best health with our loved ones and our neighbors, to feel the greatest form of love–God’s everlasting love.

“God is love. Whoever lives in love lives in God and God in them.” 1 John 4:16


I- Instills responsibility on taking care of oneself;

S- Selflessly commits to help mankind;

I- Inspires as an example of a healthy person;

N- Nourishes relationships in life;

H- Hides in words turned to dedicated actions;

E- Exists in our daily commitment to serve Him;

A- Actual love is felt and seen upon waking up in the morning;

L- Living by the day up to sleeping time, enveloped with His creation;

T- Throughout the restoration of our cells and tissues when we sleep, embraced even in our dreams;

H- His love is the reason why we breathe, live, and continue to reach our dreams; an eternal love.



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