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It has been two years since the pandemic affected the world and we do not see it ending very soon domestically despite the decrease in the number of cases and the non-emergence of new variants. With the coming of the rainy season, we expect other diseases to arise such as influenza, pneumonia, dengue hemorrhagic fever, leptospirosis, gastrointestinal diseases, and many more. The latest news on medicine also mentioned the occurrence of monkeypox.

The aforementioned diseases are mostly infections. Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, I have been emphasizing the most effective method to avert, fight and prevent infection. I very frequently cite the Cellular Theory of Disease Causation conceptualized by Dr. Pierre Jacques Antoine Bechamp. Dr. Bechamp was a French scientist of the 19th century. He stressed that, “To prevent disease, we have to create health”. It is just very unfortunate that the present day mainstream medicine does not pay any attention to this adage. It manages infections by utilizing synthetic chemical products rather than understanding and correcting the root cause of the infections.

In the Cellular Theory of Disease Causation, Dr. Bechamp claimed that disease is created by the change in the internal environment of the cells. A healthy biological terrain has a well-balanced pH (acid/alkaline); balanced electric/magnetic charge (positive or negative); good nutritional state; and the lowest level of poisoning (toxicity). Meanwhile, a diseased terrain has low oxygen level; stoppage of movement or stagnation in the colloidal body fluids between cells; and the loss of electrical charge on the surface of the cells.

During his research, Dr. Bechamp noted the presence of a living gene he called the microzyma. It can transform into a virus, bacterium or mold, and reproduce depending on the nutritional environment it thrives in. In a healthy stage, microzymas act harmoniously with our bodies, while in a diseased condition, they becomes morbid and they can destroy cells. They are responsible of the process of fermentation within our bodies and respond to biochemical signals, the most important one being its pH (acidity or alkalinity). When the terrain becomes acidic, the microzymas think the organism is dead and start damaging and fermenting the body. This principle explains how degenerative and infectious diseases create symptoms in the body.

Health is balance in the system. There are no enemies or specific diseases to fight. There is only the consequence of balance or imbalance. When things get out of balance, a sign usually appears to make it known. In unbalanced environment, morbid bacteria can issue from the cells. The microzymas can rapidly change their form and function through a process called pleomorphism when bacteria can change into yeast, yeast to fungus, fungus to mold. Microbes, per se, do not cause the disease. The disease is created when the condition of the internal environment of the cell makes it very conducive for the microzymas to get transformed to the specific microbe that best suits to clean up the mess within. The role of the microbes is to assist the compromised bodily system eliminate toxic wastes to facilitate the reversion of the terrain back to its optimal state where the microbe will then be transformed into the healthier, more friendly and inert form, the microzyma. If the self-generated wastes are not decomposed by the microbes, they would coagulate, hinder metabolism, obstruct circulation and interfere with organ function and possibly lead to a fatal outcome.

Germs are opportunistic and show up where the body has a weakness or imbalance. When they find damaged tissue and cellular dysfunction germs begin manifesting symptoms, but they are not the cause of the disease. To reverse illness, we need to change our diets, remove toxins, hygiene and maintain healthy practices. Dr. Bechamp did not believe the infection had to be killed but instead, he simply stressed the correction of the dysfunction in the immune system. To prevent disease, we have to create health.

One major health practice people often ignore and neglect is proper hydration. The adult human body comprises approximately 70 percent water. It is water and not the more tongue-pleasing commercial beverages that most people cater to. God created the human body mostly of water because water has very vital functions namely: W – works to keep body cells tones; A – assists in weight loss; T –transports essential nutrients and oxygen throughout the body; E – eliminates acidic metabolic wastes and toxins out of the body; and R – regulates body temperature. With water deficiency, these physiologic functions do not happen. Nutrients cannot be distributed to various cells thus weakening them. Acidic metabolic wastes and toxins won’t be excreted regularly and completely thus poisoning and damaging the cells. These are the factors that Dr. Bechamp pointed out that contribute to the creation of an unhealthy cellular environment that triggers the microzymas to transform to become disease-creating microbes.

Dr. Fereydoon Batmanghelidj, author of the book “Your Body’s Many Cries for Water” declared: “Most of the problems of bad health today is founded on the misconception that any fluid containing water does the job to quench thirst.”

Because of the prevalence of water pollution everywhere, we cannot drink water from any source. Water has to undergo various technologies of purification prior to being safely potable. Sadly, during the purification process, healthy minerals are also eliminated. When minerals are taken out, water becomes acidic and dead. Thus, drinking this type of water won’t perform the vital functions of water. Personally, for about two decades, I have been supplementing IONIQUE Concentrated Mineral Drops into the purified water that I drink. IONIQUE Concentrated Mineral Drops is 100 percent natural, food-grade sourced, ionic, health-giving mineral supplement which the manufacturer guarantees that every drop contains at least 72 macro- and trace minerals. With it, we benefit from the vital roles minerals play in the maintenance of our health. The vital functions are: M – maintain electrical nerve impulses; I – improve muscle actions; N – neutralize stress; E – extract toxins out of the cells; R – regulate water contents in the body; A – activate enzymatic functions; L – load up to strengthen the immune system; and S – sustain cell life.

My concept of “Tubig at mga Mineral” (Water and Minerals) is aligned with the Cellular Theory of Dr. Bechamp. Both the intake of adequate volume of water and proper mineral nutrition will maintain a balanced and healthy cellular environment that prevent the transformation of microzymas into microbes that result to disease. Thus, the best defense is a good offense!

“Germs seek their natural habitat - diseased tissue - rather than being the cause of diseased tissue. The presence of germs identified the tissue as diseased, but was not the cause of disease. A weakened or diseased tissue may be a target area for microorganisms, a hospitable environment in which they can set up shop. That's quite different from germs having caused the weakened state.” - RUDOLF VIRCHOW, M.D., Father of Modern Pathology



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