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It has been almost two years that SARS Coronavirus-2 had brought havoc to the world and with what is transpiring today, we do not see an end to it soon. On the contrary, more variants are emerging and people, including medical professionals, are more bewildered as to what to do to exterminate this “deadly” virus.

For the past few months, vaccination against COVID-19 had been implemented to halt the incidence but the effort seems futile as many individuals are still very hesitant to be vaccinated because of its unassured safety especially over its possible long-term adverse effects. People are very much aware that the vaccines were hastily manufactured, prematurely introduced and approved for use utilizing the FDA’s Emergency Use Authorization and this has resulted to insufficient study to warrant their true safety.

In the article written by Dr. Bryan Ardis entitled “The Dangers of the Covid 19 Vaccine Report,” he mentioned various adverse effects of the vaccines. As of July 16, 2021, the following are the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) Data Reported Injuries:

Blood Clot related injuries: 7,633 (763,300)

Guillain-Barre: 429 (42,900)

Pregnant women injured and/or miscarried: 2,488 (248,800)

Bell’s palsy: 2,428 (242,800)

Anaphylactic shock: 117,379, (11,737,900)

According to Dr. Ardis, the enclosed figures should be the real figures based on the study conducted by Harvard University that only less than one percent of the adverse effects are reported to VAERS. He also mentioned that even before the vaccines were granted the FDA’s Emergency Use Authorization, reports of dangerous side effects numbering around 110 diseases, neurological conditions and deaths were reported during the trials. During the meeting held by the Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee (VRBPAC) dated October 22, 2020, Slide No. 16 of the FDA’s Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research (CBER) Report, some of the observed adverse effects include:

- Guillain-Barre syndrome

- Acute disseminated encephalomyelitis

- Transverse myelitis

- Encephalitis/ myelitis/meningoencephalitis/ meningitis/encephalopathy

- Convulsions/seizures

- Stroke

- Narcolepsy and catalepsy

- Anaphylaxis

- Acute myocardial infarction

- Myocarditis/pericarditis

- Autoimmune disease

- Death

- Pregnancy and birth outcomes

- Other acute demyelinating diseases

- Non-anaphylactic allergic reactions

- Thrombocytopenia

- Disseminated intravascular coagulation

- Venous thromboembolism

- Arthritis and arthralgia/joint pain

- Kawasaki disease

- Multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children

- Vaccine enhanced disease

- And many more.

With all these possible adverse effects threatening your health, is receiving the COVID-19 vaccine your only option to avoid it? Are there no better options to adopt to be protected from COVID-19?

Selenium is an essential dietary trace element that has been found to be a significant factor affecting the incidence, severity, or mortality of various viral diseases in animals and humans. This has been studied most extensively in HIV and AIDS, where selenium status has proven to be an important determinant of disease progression and mortality.

One of the first human diseases associated with selenium deficiency was identified in a region of Heilongjiang province, China named Keshan. The region had low soil selenium levels. Keshan disease, involving a potentially fatal weakening of the heart, eventually proved to have a viral cofactor (Coxsackievirus), but its incidence and severity were greatly reduced through dietary selenium supplementation. Liver cancer associated with hepatitis viruses and “epidemic hemorrhagic fever” associated with hantavirus infections were also associated with low selenium levels.

With the association of viral infection with the selenium level, a study conducted in China showed that the cure rate from COVID-19 was almost triple than that of the average in the region with the highest selenium intake. In contrast, the death rate from COVID-19 was almost 5 times as high as the average in the region with the lowest selenium intake.

Dr. Sandra McRae Cabot, the Australian Liver Doctor, declared that selenium is the most important nutrient to fight a viral infection, whether it is an acute or chronic infection. She tagged selenium as “the viral birth control pill”. She claims that selenium acts on the genetic material (RNA or DNA) of viruses. It inhibits the ability of the virus to multiply (replicate), reduces the ability of the virus to mutate into a more aggressive or virulent form, and increases the chances that the virus will stay inactive or less active and not cause harm. She further declared that a normally harmless or low-pathogenic virus can become much more destructive or virulent in those who are deficient in selenium. The lack of selenium causes a decrease in the production of selenium dependent proteins that keep viruses under control. This can result in worse outcomes for people infected with many types of nasty viruses including hepatitis A and B viruses, Ebola, polio, AIDS, influenza and the human papilloma virus.

Adequate levels of selenium are necessary for the immune system, particularly T-cells, to function properly. In the most recent studies, there is compelling evidence that selenium status is actually a significant predictor of outcome in HIV infection, and that the relative risk for mortality is much higher in selenium deficient patients.

Selenium oxidizes the thiol groups in the virus protein disulfide isomerase rendering it unable to penetrate the healthy cell membrane. In this way, selenium inhibits the entrance of viruses into the healthy cells and abolish their infectivity. This simple element can potentially be used against the coronavirus pandemic. A potential role for selenium is highly consistent in viral infection including its effects on selenium rich tissues like blood cells and liver, and the hemorrhaging due to rupture of capillaries obstructed by blood clots because selenium normally plays a role in inhibiting clotting, and selenium deficiency has been associated with thrombosis and even hemorrhaging in extreme cases in animals.

Selenium is an antioxidant that helps reduce oxidative stress by neutralizing excess free radicals and reduces inflammation and enhances immunity thus, protects cells from damage. Your immune system keeps your body healthy by identifying and fighting off potential threats. These include bacteria, viruses, and parasites.

For many years, numerous researchers have been accumulating evidence for the potential benefits of selenium, not only against cancer, but also in viral diseases but these are widely ignored by “mainstream” researchers and clinicians.

Dr. Bryan Ardis’s recommendations for all those who choose to take a more natural approach to boosting your immune system and handling any infection including COVID-19 without medications:

Vitamin C (ascorbic acid):

For prevention, 3,000 mg daily and when with COVID-19, 10,000 mg daily. Ascorbic acid, not any form of vitamin C, has been shown for decades to have antiviral and antibacterial benefits. It increases the white blood cells, the natural antibodies, and it specifically increases interferon levels which is a chemical factor the body makes to fight viral infections specifically. At specific doses, our immune system can effectively handle the removal of any virus.


For prevention, 50 mg daily and with COVID-19, 100 mg daily. Zinc inhibits the growth of many viruses. Zinc deficiency causes suppression of the immune system by reducing white blood cells, reducing T-cells, lowers thymus hormones that keep immunity strong. The immune systems strengthen immediately improves upon supplementation.


For prevention, 200 micrograms daily and with COVID-19, 400 micrograms daily. Selenium deficiency has been shown to inhibit resistance to infection because of impaired white blood cells and thymus function. With low selenium, you cannot and will not be able to prevent the acquiring of the COVID-19 virus and its onslaught of symptoms. Selenium supplementation stimulates the increase in white blood cells and increases the thymus function immediately thus, empowering your immunity.

Aside from Dr. Ardis’s recommendation, I will also recommend Magnesium Chloride at 500 mg daily for prevention and 1,000 mg for those with COVID-19. Magnesium chloride is a very potent infection fighter. It increases the destructive and phagocytic capability of the white blood cells by as much as 300 percent.

Should you be interested with the above minerals, VER1REV Enterprise markets Elemental Selenium, Elemental Zinc and Copper, and IONIQUE® Concentrated Mineral Drops (Magnesium Chloride is its main ingredient). You may visit our branches found in our FB Page: Ionique Minerals Philippines or you may purchase online through

God, before He created man, created everything man needs to thrive on this planet very peacefully and healthily. Protect yourself the more natural way by choosing the ingredients God provided to boost our immune system. God’s creations are the best options rather than man-made solutions to this worldwide health crisis.

Let water and mineralsthe magnificent life-sustaining creations of Godbe the answer to your fervent prayers for health and healing!



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