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by: MJ O. Velasquez

“Let water and minerals–the magnificent, life sustaining creation of God–be the answers to your fervent prayers for health and healing!” – Renato “Waterdok” Paragas, M.D.

For two months, we have witnessed how IONIQUE® Mineral Drops has been a blessing to families, especially to pregnant women, mothers and their babies that felt ill before, during and after birth. With the illnesses that they have felt, they only resorted to drinking more water with IONIQUE® Mineral Drops and they described the amazing positive effects to their health. To look more into the wonders of how IONIQUE Minerals Drops help pregnant women, mother, and babies, let us read the testimony of Ms. Djanarra Ann Salopesa about Kathalina Ann Apostol and Ms. Mishelle Opalla, the aunt of Jezelle Opalla.


Kathalina Ann Apostol was born on November 25, 2019 through a cesarean delivery. A day after discharge from the hospital, her mother noticed that her legs were swollen. Instead of seeking for medical consult, she drank two glasses of purified water mixed with 10 drops of IONIQUE® Mineral Drops in each glass four times a day. She noted that her edema subsided after four days. Observing the remarkable results on her body, her mother continued drinking the purified water with IONIQUE® Mineral Drops.

Kathalina Ann purely relied on breastfeeding as the source of her nourishment. Her family was astonished that at the age of four months, she stood erect without any assistance indicating that she had an excellent bone and muscle development. She also learned the meaning of signs earlier than they expected. She also responded actively to the sounds and voices of her mother and family.

When Kathalina’s teeth were erupting, her mother noticed that several teeth erupted simultaneously but she did not experience any discomfort nor diarrhea. When she develops fever, her mother administers one drop of IONIQUE® Mineral Drops four times a day. With this, she never cries when she has fever. Her fever usually abates the following morning and she looks much better. Because the lockdown brought about by the pandemic, she was only administered one vaccination.

When Kathalina was around 5½ months old, she drank water and milk using a glass. She makes the family happy when she says “mamam” whenever she demands for a drink of water or milk and she won’t stop until something is given to her. Gratefully, she is not a picky eater as she loves to eat vegetables and fruits.

Today, Kathalina is one year and 10 months old. She is already talkative and converses with us with ease. She quickly understood and remembered most of what we taught her. She can already identify things when asked and pinpoints or hands them to us.

Thank you to IONIQUE® Mineral Drops for the amazing and wonderful development of Kathalin Ann. - Djanarra Ann Salopesa


Jezelle was born on June 21, 2017 in a Maternity Clinic. I arrived there in the evening after my work. I assisted my sister go through the process of her labor. My sister began her labor early morning of June 21. Since it was almost already evening and my sister had not delivered yet, she requested to be transferred to a hospital for a cesarean section since her labor pains became more intense and she can no longer tolerate the pains. Since we did not have sufficient budget for a cesarean section, I convinced her to bear the pains for a little bit more, hoping that the baby be delivered normally and spontaneously. What I did was to encourage her drink a glass of water with 20 drops of IONIQUE® Mineral Drops continuously. Finally, she delivered a baby girl at 9:00 PM. That night, Jezzelle was noted to be coughing and the midwife just ignored it.

The next morning, my sister and Jezelle were discharged. When we got home, Jezelle was coughing more frequently. So, I administered one drop of IONIQUE® Mineral Drops directly into her mouth then followed it with purified drinking water. I administered the drops of IONIQUE® Mineral Drops thrice a day and I noticed that the cough ceased after a day.

In our barangay, babies frequently suffer from diarrhea. Jezelle was seven months when she developed diarrhea. Her grandmother was worried and panicked so she was brought to the Acosta Hospital for a medical consultation. When I got home, I noted that there was a pitcher of “juice” that was prescribed by the doctor. I told my mother to stop administering the “juice” and instead, give her purified drinking water with IONIQUE® Mineral Drops only.

We administered three drops of IONIQUE® Mineral Drops followed up with much water four times a day. With God’s mercy, she recovered quickly even without medications. When she had fever, we only gave her three drops of IONIQUE® Mineral Drops and much water every four hours until her fever disappeared for 24 hours.

Jezelle learned to walk early. She walked unassisted at the age of 1 year and 4 months.

When she was 2 years old, she conversed easily, with some words still foreign to her tongue. Today, Jezelle is already 4 years old, healthy and very active. – Ms. Mishelle Opalla

These testimonials show proof that IONIQUE® Mineral Drops is definitely helpful for babies and children, creating an advantage for their growth, development, and immunity against diseases. As the mothers take IONIQUE® Mineral Drops during pregnancy, both she and her baby receive the wonderful health benefits of water and minerals that complete the essential nutrients needed by the body daily. The IONIQUE® Minerals children are evidently advanced in their anatomical, physiological and biochemical development, as well as their cognitive and motor skills, and their resistance against infection despite their sensitive nature is a relief for the mother and the family. These also prove that the intake of IONIQUE® Mineral Drops is very safe for pregnant women, babies and children.

Truthfully, the children that are nourished with purified drinking water, IONIQUE® Mineral Drops, and nutritious foods, and equipped with the complete essential nutrients, will grow, thrive, and reach their dreams with wholesome health, as they are achievers physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

“And the child grew and became strong in spirit, filled with wisdom; and the grace of God was upon Him.” – Luke 2:40


AApplies water and minerals to their internal body by drinking adequately every day;

R Recognizes their curiosity imaginatively and logically;

E Elevates themselves by honing their core strengths;

A – Attentive with their surroundings and mentally sharp;

C Creatively practice their skills and talents;

T Training involves self-appreciation and love;

I Ingenious; enhanced critical-thinking skills;

V Virtuous; kind, loving, and shows respect;

EExcellence is not just defined in the application of fields but also in prioritizing their relationship with their loved ones and with God.



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