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by MJ Velasquez

“Children are like wet cement. Whatever falls on them makes an impression.”

– Haim Ginott

This article is dedicated to Deann Caitlyn P. Climaco, the daughter of Mr. Dean and Mrs. Lyn Climaco. Mr. Dean Climaco is the proprietor of VER1REV Enterprise’s Product Distribution Outlet (PDO) in Lagonoy, Camarines Sur. His family has been using IONIQUE® Mineral Drops since December of 2017 and promotes the product in their locality. This article is the testimony of Mrs. Lyn on how the daily intake of IONIQUE® Mineral Drops supplemented into purified drinking water aided her pregnancy, and boosted the immune system and cognitive function of Deann.

I am Lyn P. Climaco, 37 years old, I would like to share how IONIQUE® Mineral Drops took part in my pregnancy. I discovered that I was pregnant again last January 7, 2018. Apart from being joyful about the good news, I felt quite anxious considering the age gap between my two children. My first child was turning ten years old that time and I felt like it was my first pregnancy again. I worried that my pregnancy will not be easy because of my age and the distance I had to travel to my work place every day.

I remember when I was in the first trimester of the pregnancy, my Obstetrician discovered that I had placenta previa, a condition where the placenta lies low in the uterus and partially or completely covers the cervix. I was worried a lot that I will encounter a miscarriage. However, my husband always assured me that my pregnancy will be completed. He advised me to take 20 drops of IONIQUE® Mineral Drops four times a day (80 drops a day). This helped ease my anxiety during the pregnancy period.

One night during the third trimester of my pregnancy, I woke up around 12:30 in the morning because of vaginal bleeding that stained the bed with much blood. I attributed it to the strenuous activities I engaged in school that day. I panicked that I might lose my baby so, I woke my husband up and instructed him to rush me to the hospital. Since we had no vehicle, we had to wait until 2:30 AM for the first bus to leave our town of Caramoan for Naga City. While waiting, my husband forced me to take 30 drops of IONIQUE® Mineral Drops hoping that it will help stop the bleeding. Miraculously, it did! I noted that the sanitary napkin I used during the trip remained spotless despite the long travel to Naga City. IONIQUE® Mineral Drops truly did an amazing job!

IONIQUE® Mineral Drops also played a vital role on my daughter’s health. Deann takes few drops of IONIQUE® Mineral Drops together with her drinking water every day. It helped my daughter remain healthy and she seldom got sick even during her teething days. Every time she experienced fever or a stomach upset, I just administer her the right dose of IONIQUE® Mineral Drops and she gets better quickly. It also helped my child’s mental development. She began talking clearly at the age of one year. She memorized the alphabet and numbers very early. My daughter is also aware of the health benefits of IONIQUE® Mineral Drops, I remember when I got sick, she kept on telling me, “Mommy, inom ka CMD!”, “Mommy lagay ka CMD!” On some occasions, she volunteers to instill a few drops of IONIQUE® Mineral Drops into her water. These are how IONIQUE® Mineral Drops have been part of our daily lives.

From the testimony that we have read, we can therefore say that IONIQUE® Mineral Drops supplemented into purified water positively affects the health, immunity, and brain development of Deann. Most importantly, it is also safe for administration in pregnant women. We saw how the right nutrition gives both relief and positive health benefits to the mother and the baby. Also, it is important to note that Deann is aware of how IONIQUE® CMD helps in fighting diseases, as she takes it herself and encourages her mother to drink every time they feel ill. Training a child to drink water supplemented with IONIQUE® Mineral Drops, especially when feeling unwell, will become a habit as she grows.

To complete and maintain the six essential nutrients in one’s body does not only promote health and wellness but also plays a crucial role on a baby’s growth and development. IONIQUE® Minerals babies grow healthily by only eating nutritious foods and drinking adequate supply of water with IONIQUE® Mineral Drops. We are looking forward to witness Deann’s growth in life as she makes her dreams come true while being an achiever physically, emotionally, mentally and most especially, spiritually.

“Let water and minerals–the magnificent, life sustaining creation of God–be the answers to your fervent prayers for health and healing!” – Renato “Waterdok” Paragas, M.D.


A Attentive in their daily food diet;

R Ready to drink water and IONIQUE® once feeling sick;

EEager to learn and understand the importance of IONIQUE® CMD in their lives.

AAccelerated in brain development;

WWorks swiftly through simple tasks;

AAlert in critical-thinking situations;

RRecognizes their talent and skills early and develops them;

EExercise the healthy habit of drinking water with IONIQUE® Mineral Drops daily while only eating nutritious foods as well as enjoying their youthful days by being happily active under the sun.



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