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by Mary Jane O. Velasquez

“Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old, he will not turn from it.”

– Proverbs 22:6

This article is dedicated to the youngest daughter of Ms. Liza A. Ungab, Ysabelle Ungab. Ms. Liza A. Ungab is VER1REV Enterprise’s Product Distribution Outlet (PDO) in Digos City, Davao del Sur. She has been using IONIQUE® Mineral Drops since 2004, when the said product was first introduced in the Philippines, therefore, one of the pioneers of IONIQUE® Mineral Drops. The succeeding paragraphs are her testimony of how IONIQUE® Mineral Drops, as daily dietary supplement mixed into water, aided in the illnesses and boosted the immune system of Ysabelle.

I was 42 years old when I found out that I was pregnant of my fourth child. Since it was a high-risk pregnancy, I saw to it that I took my IONIQUE® CMD around 60 to 100 drops a day.

Because of my age and experiencing two to three days of labor during my previous three pregnancies, I thought of drinking 100 drops of IONIQUE ® CMD mixed into one liter of purified water right on the onset of my labor. Amazingly, it just took me 30 minutes of labor and Ysabelle was delivered very spontaneously.

I gave birth at around 5:30 am. At 1:30 pm, just barely eight hours after delivery, I asked my Obstetrician to order my discharge because I had some important business matters to attend to. At 2:00 pm, my newborn baby Ysabelle and I were back in the office. Believe or not, I was able to finish dealing with all my business transactions just before midnight. Whew!

It was January 2, 2010 when Ysabelle, just being few hours old, took her first dose of IONIQUE ® CMD. Two (2) drops were instilled directly on her tongue followed with water. The Pediatrician instructed me not to give her water, but I gave her water every time she took IONIQUE® CMD. Since then, she took IONIQUE® CMD, together with my breastmilk. Ysabelle did not experience any health problem, including teething, until she reached the age of 9 months.

When Ysabelle was 9 months old, she suddenly developed fever followed by rashes all over her body a few days later. The condition was like measles. During her febrile days, I only administered a few drops of IONIQUE® CMD every four hours just like the dosage of the usual antipyretic. The fever abated after a couple of days. She seldom experienced fever and when she did, the fever usually lasted for just 30 minutes to one hour. Colds and cough are of rare occurrence, and when she does have them, I don’t give her any medicine, no paracetamol or antibiotics.

Ysabelle has not received any vaccination until now that she is 11 years old. She has not experienced visiting a doctor for a check-up. Her life is so simple, taking just purified water supplemented with IONIQUE® CMD as her beverage of choice. I also considered IONIQUE® CMD as her dietary supplement instead of the laboratory created multivitamins for children. As practicing nutritionist and dietician, I fed her the more natural, nutritious foods and her favorite fruit is watermelon. I avoided feeding her plant-manufactured foods such as junk foods, refined foods and processed foods.

When she was 6 years old, she ate something that upset her stomach. She experienced severe vomiting and diarrhea for 6 days. Despite the severity of her condition, I did not bring her to the hospital but managed her at home. I administered water mixed with few drops of IONIQUE® CMD when she had episodes of diarrhea. On the fifth day, the frequency of her vomiting and diarrhea became worse. I noticed that her nailbeds were purplish and she also developed a dark discoloration surrounding the eyes, more prominent over the lower eyelids. We were sleepless for five consecutive days. I was worried and panicked a bit, alarmed of her situation. However, every time I saw her playing and remaining very active, I felt great relief. I told myself, “Iba talaga pag may IONIQUE® CMD.” On sixth day, my husband asked me: “Ganyan ka ba talaga ka bilib sa IONIQUE® CMD mo? Mamamatay na anak mo! Di mo ba nakikita maitim na ang kuko niya at sobrang lalim na ng mata niya? Wala akong pakialam sa IONIQUE® CMD mo, bring your child to the nearest hospital bago mahuli ang lahat!”

I contacted a nurse friend and asked her to bring me some intravenous fluids at home. But since she was on duty, I decided to observe Ysabelle for one day more. “Sige, the following day na lang”. I vigilantly monitored her diarrhea that evening. The following day, I woke up seeing my daughter playing again. She asked for food and she was fine the whole day, without any episode of diarrhea. I informed my husband that Ysabelle’s appetite was back to normal. She barely ate the past six days. She only drank purified water supplemented with IONIQUE® CMD. My husband’s reply was, “Next time, don’t experiment on your daughter!”

Sometime in June, 2021, my son aged 22 years got a positive result for COVID-19 after testing for a travel for abroad. Few days later, the rest of the family also experienced symptoms. We developed fever, severe cough and colds, lost appetite and experienced body aches for several days. All of us in the family contracted COVID-19 except for Ysabelle. Sorry to say that we didn’t report our case to our LGU. My son did not have his test within our city so his case was not reported and unknown. We just had our quarantine at home. We took 20 to 25 drops of IONIQUE® CMD four times a day, 10 drops of Elemental Selenium thrice a day, and Vitamin C 500 mg thrice a day.

For headache, I applied a few drops of IONIQUE® CMD over the painful area and massaged. For cough, I poured several drops of pure IONIQUE® CMD on the tongue and swallowed them without water several times a day. Ysabelle was also given a high dose of IONIQUE® CMD for prevention. I did my best to stay away from her especially when sleeping but she would even hug me while sleeping. She slept with me all the time that I had COVID-19. All those days, COVID-19 never affected her. After all our COVID-19 experience, I can boldly declare that my daughter’s immune system was, indeed, very exceptional. Credit is given to the concept of “TUBIG AT MGA MINERAL: SAGOT SA KALUSUGAN!” the concept conceived by her Ninong Dr. Renato U. Paragas.

“Yes, pwede pala ang simpleng way of life. Minsan may times na may violations lalo na pag may mga relatives na matigas ang mga ulo. But 99 percent or most of the time, we only have purified water as our beverage of choice at home.”

Thank you so much MRI-IONIQUE® CMD for coming into our lives. Eighteen years of using this product is a gift to us all. Looking forward to more years with MRI-IONIQUE ® CMD! Thank you, VER1REV ENTERPRISE, and to all IONIQUE® CMD believers. Keep safe!

We have read not just how IONIQUE® Mineral Drops supplemented into purified water positively affects the health and immunity of Ysabelle, but also as an effective infection fighter, such as COVID-19, attested by the Ungab family. We may have wondered how Ysabelle was the only one not affected with the virus, but then it is a real miracle to witness that IONIQUE® Mineral Drops and water did the job!

This is the power of having all the six essential nutrients present in one’s body, more so crucially important in a baby’s growth. The baby will grow healthily by just eating nutritious foods and taking IONIQUE ® Mineral Drops. We look forward to monitor Ysabelle’s growth as she reaches for her dreams and be an achiever physically, emotionally, mentally and most especially, spiritually.

“Let water and minerals - the magnificent, life sustaining creation of God, be the answers to your fervent prayers for health and healing!” – Renato “Waterdok” Paragas, M.D.


A – Active in learning;

R – Ready for the challenges of the day;

E – Energized upon waking up in the morning;

H – Hears and follows the food and drink rules: water and nutritious foods only;

E – Excels in their education;

A – Attentive and explores their curiosity;

L – Learns their talents at a young age;

T – Truthfully cheerful, charming with their positivity;

H – Heals through water and IONIQUE® Minerals when feeling ill;

Y – Years of youth are filled with developed and honed skills, improved brain function and holistic development.

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