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“Children are the world’s most valuable resource and its best hope for the future.”

– John F. Kennedy

Last August 1, we have witnessed how IONIQUE® Minerals has been a blessing to Dr. Vernie Opalla and her family, especially with their youngest member, Louise Janie, as the eldest IONIQUE® baby. This time, we will read three testimonies of women that have taken purified water with IONIQUE® Mineral Drops during their pregnancy and the effects that the said product had on them and their babies.

Good day everyone! I am Ana N. Sabinorio, 30 years old, with a 1-year-old son, Liam Abraham U. Sabinorio.

A different path than the traditional path of children going to a pediatrician’s clinic to have their monthly check-up, Liam did not have such visits. My son does not drink any other beverage but water with IONIQUE® Mineral Drops only. That’s why my husband and I did not experience any health concern that our son may get sick. Inevitably, with the changing weather conditions, Liam also experienced having colds, cough, and fever occasionally but the recovery was fast because of the regular intake of IONIQUE® Mineral Drops. Many have also wondered that Liam at the age of 1 prefers to drink water than any other beverage. This is because we impose that Liam drinks water only, of course aside from milk, since his newborn days.

When there is IONIQUE® Mineral Drops in our house, we are much in peace and assured that our health is taken care of. For us, drinking adequate volume of purified water with IONIQUE® Mineral Drops is a big help, especially to Liam, because his physical and mental development critically depends on his state of hydration. Infants and children have bigger percentage of water as their body composition and even a minute degree of dehydration affects their health

I am Mailyn L. Cailao, from Santiago III, Penafrancia Ave., Naga City, Camarines Sur. I will share with you how IONIQUE® Mineral Drops had helped me and my son, Nathan.

During my pregnancy, I drank water supplemented with IONIQUE® Mineral Drops daily. My sinusitis got healed and I did not encounter difficulties during my pregnancy. However, when I had my prenatal check-up at Naga City Hospital, I was referred to Bicol Medical Center for my delivery because I was diagnosed to have heart failure. This is why I strictly followed the prescription of my daily intake of water and IONIQUE® Mineral Drops. After some time, the chest pain I regularly felt gradually disappeared, and I was able to undergo a normal vaginal delivery.

Drinking water supplemented with IONQIUE® Mineral Drops brought so many health benefits to our family but most especially to Nathan. We observed that his motor skills developed very early. Examples are: even at a few months of age, Nathan liked standing, up to the point that at age nine months, was able to carry himself steadily with his knees upright. Before he reached his first birthday, he already walked. At age two years, he started watching videos for child learning on TV. He rapidly learned the alphabet and how to count numbers that he oftentimes sings to us very excitingly. Upon reaching the age of three years, his development remarkably increased. We did not teach him how to speak in English but he learned to speak the language very fluently through watching English programs in the television and in Youtube. He also learned how to write the alphabet and draw shapes by himself. These observations are not the only characteristics that IONIQUE® Mineral Drops provided my son with, but most especially, he possesses a perfect health that he does not get sick very easily. These are the reasons why I am very grateful IONIQUE® Mineral Drops because it brought us a lot of blessings.

I am Jona Bibay, from Iriga City. I discovered IONIQUE® Mineral Drops through my husband, Mark, who works at VER1REV Enterprise.

The first time I took IONIQUE® Mineral Drops was when I was pregnant with my first child, Riem Dwayne. I did not follow the prescription strictly at first because I seldom drank water. Mark was not able to monitor my water intake because he worked in Manila and I was residing in Bicol. Instead, I followed the instructions given to me by my Obstetrician which was drinking more milk that was more beneficial during my pregnancy. This caused me to experience a very difficult labor lasting for three days.

Riem began taking IONIQUE® Mineral Drops at three days old. I added one drop to two ounces of water. He remained healthy until he was three months old when he began developing high grade fever very often. At four months, he was admitted to the hospital because of persistent high fever. A month later, he again developed high grade fever accompanied by red eyes, erythematous rashes all over his body and incessant crying. I was terribly worried because what Riem developed were signs and symptoms of dengue fever. So, I instilled few drops of IONIQUE® Mineral Drops directly into his mouth every four hours and bathe him frequently to reduce the body temperature. These measures relieved his fever and he became for comfortable.

At that time, I was already pregnant with my second son, Rujec Aer. Not to undergo the same experience I had with the first pregnancy; I took 20 drops of IONIQUE® Mineral drops four times a day (80 drops a day). This time, I strictly followed what my husband instructed me of the proper daily intake of purified water and IONIQUE® Mineral Drops and to completely avoid synthetic vitamins and drinking milk for pregnancy. I faithfully followed because I wanted to experience an easier labor. With God’s mercy and the help of IONIQUE® Mineral Drops, my labor went smoothly. Hours after my labor, I also administered IONIQUE® Mineral Drops to my baby.

Presently, our boys do not get sick often, and if ever they had a fever, cough or cold, I directly instill IONIQUE Mineral® Drops in their mouths every 4 hours. This method effectively resolved their medical concerns and this is why I am very thankful to IONIQUE® Mineral Drops. It has given me and my family great relief, especially when my kids get sick. We do not use any synthetic drugs anymore when we get sick. We only use purified water supplemented with IONIQUE® Mineral Drops.

To every mother out there, I just want to share that IONIQUE® Mineral Drops is a proven, safe, effective, and natural solution to healing, especially for children. Thank you IONIQUE® Mineral Drops, Dr. Vhern and Dr. Rhen. May you both guide more people towards the natural approach of health!

With these testimonials, IONIQUE® Mineral Drops babies are truly advanced in their growth, development, and immunity against diseases. It is amazing to read that purified water supplemented with IONIQUE® Mineral Drops does not only give the advantages in the anatomical, physiological and biochemical development of a child, while also swiftly improving their cognitive and motor skills, but also evidently gives them extra protection against pathogenic microorganisms that cause disease prevalent to their sensitive nature. This also proves that the use of IONIQUE® Mineral Drops is safe for babies and children.

Indeed, these IONIQUE® Mineral Drops children will thrive more in their journey because they have been trained to only drink purified water with IONIQUE® Mineral Drops and eating nutritious foods. We have already read their fast critical-thinking skills and talents growing and developing at an early age, and we will look forward to their success in their future.

May the children of our future be equipped with the complete essential nutrients so that they will reach their dreams with their wholesome health as their number one asset and be an achiever physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

“Let water and minerals - the magnificent, life sustaining creation of God, be the answers to your fervent prayers for health and healing!” – Renato “Waterdok” Paragas, M.D.


IInstills the use of IONIQUE Mineral Drops and water only in their daily lives;

S Strong in terms of growth and development;

WWondrous in their self-achievements; baby to big steps;

I Ingenious, fast-learner, and have a sharp mind;

T Trains the manifestation of their talents;

HHonest with their preference in food, which are nutritious;

U Uniquely adapts easily to the changing environment and does not get sick frequently;

SSustained with a wholesome health and well-being from completed six essential nutrients.



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