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by Mary Jane O. Velasquez

“After they prayed, the place where they were meeting was shaken. And they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and spoke the word of God boldly.” – Acts 4:31

The 9th year anniversary of Ionique Mineral Resources Philippines Corporation (IMRPC) and VER1REV Enterprises Corporation was successfully held at 1:00 pm to 5:30 pm at Hotel Venezia, Legazpi City, Albay, and via Zoom last February 25, 2022. It was participated by more than 200 participants both virtually and in real time. This was the first celebration of the two companies with limited face-to-face audience and second time held in the new normal setting.

The event started with a doxology, playing the worship song “Thank You, Lord” by Doen Moen. It was followed by the opening prayer led by Ms. Edimari Caño, the singing of the Philippine National Anthem, and the Legazpi City hymn. After that, the master and mistress of ceremonies, Mr. Manuel Estandarte III and Ms. Lodelaine Bautista, were introduced. The pair was also the previous emcees of the 8th year anniversary and both holding the title of being Wellness Executive. They have also warmly welcomed the online audience. Then, Ms. Jocylene Naz, the host of the 8 PM daily FB Live entitled “On the Job: The Missing Link,” a.k.a Ozzai Wan San, gave her welcome address. It was proceeded with the energetic opening number of the VER1REV staff from Naga Main Office.

Followed by the song for WATERDOK as the introduction to the first key speaker, Dr. Renato U. Paragas, the CEO of IMRPC and the medical director of VER1REV Enterprises Corporation gave his heartfelt and professional answers on the #AskWaterdok portion by entertaining questions from the viewers of both online and live. It was an eye-opener to the viewers, especially with the principles and concepts discussed by the Waterdok on how using water and minerals only and avoiding eating varying foods are vital to different diseases, such as diabetes, gallstones and infection.

The twist for this year’s anniversary was a surprise portion for Dr. Paragas as he commemorated his 40 years of medical service to mankind (1982-2022). Ms. Mary Jane Velasquez honored Waterdok by reading a literary piece dedicated for him. Bro. Bo Sanchez, a renowned lay preacher, sent his surprise greeting and prayer of blessings.

After that, a token was presented to Dr. Paragas by Dr. Vernie C. Opalla and her board of directors. The emcees also gave their messages to WATERDOK and the messages of other attendees through the chat section.

After that, the group presentation of each branch was presented, starting with IONIQUE MINERALS DAVAO and IONIQUE MINERALS CEBU. They both received applauses from the audience with their unique performances that was based on a criteria made by the CEO of the corporations.

This was followed by the introduction of the second speaker, the message from Mr. Bruce Anderson, Co-Owner, CEO and President of Mineral Resources International (MRI) (onscreen). He gave his warm congratulations to IMRPC and VER1REV Enterprise Corporation for nine years of being partners. He also shared his appreciation for the services conducted by IMRPC and VER1REV to the Filipinos by educating the masses on the importance of water and minerals, and has also supported the concept of Dr. Paragas with Masamu Emoto’s theory on human consciousness affecting the water molecules. He also introduced his daughter, Mindy Anderson-Barnes, to the audience as the Administrative Assistant to CEO/Sales Mineral Resources International Inc. Mr. Anderson had also awarded two plaques of appreciation to the said companies. He has also expressed his longing to visit to the Philippines and extends his regards to Dr. Paragas, Dr. Opalla and everyone in the VER1REV family.

The next set of group presentations were presented: IONIQUE MINERALS CUBAO and IONIQUE MINERALS IRIGA CITY. Their unique and impactful performances were also met with applauses and commendation for the execution of the criteria.

This was followed by the introduction of the third speaker, Dr. Vernie C. Opalla, the President of VER1REV ENTERPRISES CORPORATION. She gave her heartfelt reflection on her journey with the MRI IONIQUE CMD since 2004. This product was a God-given blessing to her since then, and has continuously shared her journey to health and wellness with everyone she met. It was at this moment that she formally introduced that VER1REV ENTERPRISE is now VER1REV ENTERPRISES CORPORATION. After that, she showed a video of how VER1REV ENTERPRISES CORPORATION evolves from its humble beginning as a single proprietorship, now a corporation, the programs it had done and the services it will continue to do.

The live and recorded product testimonials were then presented. These were product testimonials of MRI IONIQUE Mineral Drops users. They shared their life-changing experiences using the said product while also promoting and educating Filipinos across the world of the concept of Dr. Renato U. Paragas “Tubig at mga Mineral: Sagot sa Kalusugan”. Mr. Eddie Caño also shared his personal testimonial, narrating how IONIQUE Minerals managed his varicose veins, arthritis, and how it helped him recover from a mild stroke that he suffered last 2020.

The last of group presentations was IONIQUE MINERALS NAGA CITY. Their overall performance was also met with awe, applauses and commendation. This was followed by the testimonials of how the business improved the quality of lives of those who engaged in marketing the products. The leaders of VER1REV ENTERPRISES CORPORATION also shared their experiences with how the business impacted their lives.

As a tradition to every anniversary celebration, all the participants sang the song entitled “Ever Since the World Began”. Every Wellness Consultant got related with the song through their joining the IONIQUE Family was more of a divine calling rather than as mere coincidence. The calling was a mission to serve the needy through sharing the concept of “Tubig at mga Mineral” as exemplified by the President of the company herself, Dr. Opalla.

The giving of awards was done by Dr. Opalla. The 2021 PERFORMING PRODUCT DISTRIBUTION CHANNEL was awarded first. The awardees ranked from the first to the tenth place were: DIAMOND MULTI-LINE COOPERATIVE (Php25,000.00), MISHAEL’S WELLNESS MARKETING (Php23,000.00), DCSL’S HEALTH CARE PRODUCTS TRADING (Php20,000.00), ETHAN’S HEALTH WELLNESS PRODUCT TRADING (Php17,000.00), ROBINA’S WELLNESS CENTER (Php15,000.00), 3JnI HEALTH AND WELLNESS (Php9,000.00), A.M D’ONE MARKETING (Php8,000.00), JVT ALIPANTE SARI-SARI STORE (Php7,000.00), JLMP HEALTH AND WELLNESS CENTER (Php6,000.00), and CO & EM STORE (Php5,000.00).

The 2021 TOP EARNERS (UNILEVEL MARKETING) awardees were: Diamond Multi-Line Cooperative (Php15,000.00 worth of products), Mr. Jessie Z. Geminiano (Php14,000.00 worth of products), Ms. Liza A. Ungab (Php13,000.00 worth of products), Ms. Marisa P. Dacillo (Php12,000.00 worth of products), Ms. Chrischarl Marie L. Flororita (Php11,000.00 worth of products), Ms. Robina O. Velasquez (Php10,000.00 worth of products), Ms. Mary Jane B. Cequena (Php9,000.00 worth of products), Ms. Janine B. Daquis (Php8,000.00 worth of products), Shepherd’s Voice Multi-Purpose Cooperative (Php7,000.00 worth of products), and Mr. Jhayvee Al Nino O. Velasquez (Php6,000.00 worth of products).

#KatasIONIQUE_2021 award came next. This was a promo event offered to all Wellness Consultants. Wellness Consultants garnering the highest points based on the items they achieved and accumulated through marketing the products for the entire year. The awardees are: Mr. Dean Gerald O. Climaco (Php15,000.00), Mr. Marvin Sabinorio (Php13,000.00), Mr. Jessie Geminiano (Php10,000.00), Mr. Manuel Estandarte III (Php7,000.00), and Diamond Multi-Line Cooperative (Php5,000.00).

#IONIQUE_9yrs was also a promotional event wherein Wellness Consultants and PDOutlets that garnered the most likes, shares, comments and reactions at Facebook wins the promo. The FB posting period was from February 1 to 20, 2022. The awardees are: Mr. JONATHAN Q. MATEO (15 bottles of 120 ml MRI IONIQUE® Minerals and elete plus cash worth Php3,500.00), Mr. EDDIE C. CAÑO (15 bottles of 60 ml MRI IONIQUE® Minerals and elete plus cash worth P3,000.00), Ms. ELENITA G. SALOPESA (15 bottles of 30 ml MRI IONIQUE® Minerals and elete plus cash worth P2,500.00), Ms. MONALIZA ALIS (10 bottles of 30 ml MRI IONIQUE® Minerals and elete plus cash worth P2,000.00), and Mr. JESSIE GEMINIANO (5 bottles of 30 ml MRI IONIQUE® Minerals and elete plus cash worth P1,500.00). The 20 consolation prizes composed of a package of 2 bottles of 30 ml MRI IONIQUE® Minerals and elete plus cash worth P1,000.00, were awarded to: MANUEL L. ESTANDARTE III, DEAN GERALD O. CLIMACO, MARISA P. DACILLO, JOY C. OBIAS, MARVIN SABINORIO, IAN ALBERT DAQUIS, LYN PACAO CLIMACO, REYA ANGELICA R. VILLAFUERTE, MA. KRISTINNE D. RENNIE, LILIBETH C. CAABAY, MARIA MILA UY CENA, ELIZABETH L. BAUTISTA, KAREN NICOLE R. NOPRE, LIZA A. UNGAB, MARIA ELENA BAYRANTE, ANGELA ESTHER P. DIMABAYAO, JANINE DAQUIS, JONA VICTORINO BIBAY, SUZETTE R. ALIPANTE, and MARY ANN TEE.


One of the most awaited awarding ceremonies was the group presentations. Each branch of VER1REV ENTERPRISES CORPORATION submitted a recorded group presentation with the theme of the 9th anniversary celebration. The group presentation winners were: IONIQUE MINERALS CUBAO (Php30,000.00), IONIQUE MINERALS IRIGA (Php25,000.00), IONIQUE MINERALS NAGA (Php20,000.00), IONIQUE MINERALS DAVAO (Php15,000.00), and IONIQUE MINERALS CEBU (Php10,000.00).

Last category was the 2021 AWARD OF RECOGNITION. A Plaque of Recognition was given to MINERAL RESOURCES INTERNATIONAL for being the Supplier of World Class, 100% Natural, Food-Grade, Mineral Supplements for five decades. 2021 SPECIAL AWARD was also given to JOCYLENE N. NAZ, aka Ozzai Wan Sai, for her sharing the concept of Tubig at Mga Mineral and educating the masses by hosting at 8:00 PM daily FB Live entitled “On the Job: The Missing Link”, and the Anchor of “Tubig at mga Mineral” Sunday edition at 92.3 Home Radio Legazpi aired 3:00 in the afternoon. PLAQUE OF RECOGNITION was also given to the Branch Managers: Ms. ANGELINA B. DAQUIZ, Naga City, Camarines Sur; Ms. ANGELITA S. URIARTE, Cubao Branch; Mr. JANMOR L. MORALES, Davao City Branch; and Ms. Melody V. Banaynal, Cebu City Branch.

The event concluded with a virtual and live raffle. Winners were given one bottle of 120 ml IONIQUE MINERAL DROPS. Almost everyone in the face-to-face venue received one 120 ml. The event culminated with the IMPRC Song and a photo shoot of all face-to-face attendees.

The management and staff their most sincere gratitude to Ms. Naz for inviting the following prominent individuals of Albay: Atty. Alex Nepomuceno, Bicol University Dean of Social Sciences Department; Madam Ciony Calleja, Department Head of Permits and Licensing Department, LGU Legazpi City.; Madam Edralyn Oliva, Personnel Officer of DAR Albay; Madam Nitz Loria of DAR Albay; Madam Marcela Araneta Lahorra; Madam Beth Marino of Solong EcoPark; Mr Wilson “PapaWil” Madela, the famous YouTube Vlogger; Madam Darlene Joy Burce of LGU Legazpi; Madam Gemma Gonzaga and group; Madam Liz Ortega and her group from LGU Guinobatan; Mr. Esteban Presentacion of J&T; Ms. Marjorie Copones of Marjorie's Food Delights located in Guinobatan, Albay; and Atty. Gener Càño, Labor Arbiter from Metromanila.

All the participants expressed their greetings and gratitude to IMRPC, VER1REV, Dr. Renato U. Paragas and Dr. Vernie C. Opalla for their continuous mission of educating Filipinos of the concept of Tubig at Mga Mineral and being one with them as they journey to a country of health through mineral nutrition. With that, IMPRC and VER1REV also extend their gratitude to everyone that made their 9th year anniversary successful.

“And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.” – Romans 8:28

S Shows gratitude to the Lord for every blessing they have received;

U Understands your situation by putting themselves in your shoes;

R Rising even in times of crisis;

M Mission-oriented of educating the masses on T@M concept;

O – On-the-go for their check-up services nationwide;

UUtilizes their time efficiently through patient follow-up;

N – Nourishes every leader that is part of their mission;

TTreasures the VER1REV Family with a pure heart of serving;

I Initiates a healthy lifestyle and follows it religiously;

NNew normal cannot stop their mission to serve;

GGuides in cleansing the temple of God;

FFighting for the right and natural health principles;

I – Inwardly heals every aspect;

E – Engages in selfless act to bring back individuals to Him by managing health;

RReady to engage with queries both online and face-to-face;

CCaring Most Dearly for every person we meet;

EExtending our hands to more people looking for the natural approach to their diseases;

R – Reflects and gives importance to their greatest bond: their faith, trust and, love to the Lord.



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