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by Mary Jane O. Velasquez

“She is clothed in strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future.”

Proverbs 31:25

This month holds two important parts of history. First, it marks a full-year of COVID-19 in the Philippines.

Looking back in March 2020 is a traumatic experience, but with the news of many variants arising from the SARS-CoV-2 in this month again just brings more anxiety around us. A year of achieving a pandemic-free world is now another blur and more mutated viruses means an imposition of lockdowns.

To my readers, prioritize your health once again by having a balanced nutrition daily. God has already given us the solutions to the maladies that we feel, and we should not take them for granted. As our WATERDOK said, “Let water and minerals, the magnificent, life-sustaining creations of God be the answers to your fervent prayers of health and healing!”

Now, let us also discuss more on the second and should be emphasized celebration for March. It is the month dedicated to recognizing women, wherein last March 8, we have celebrated the International Women’s Day.

Women, the precious gems of this world, marking history in every century, have these characteristics: wisdom, beauty, courage, gentleness, kindness, selflessness, care, and love. They are the flowers to a yard, the ocean to a land, and the stars of the night sky. They are created through the image and likeness of God. The reason why women exist in this world is because of they are the center of balance, warmth, comfort and most of all, strength.

Women are both the nicest scenery and the most ferocious fire, because they are also human beings.

But I always see a problem: women are victims of discrimination, sexual assault, and violence.

Even with this monthly celebration, in different circumstances and aspects of life, women are continuously being discriminated. In terms of physical strength, they are weak. If they love a sport that demands strength, they are not qualified even if equipped with training. In terms of familial and social responsibility, they are stereotyped as the housekeeper, cannot do work for the family and incapable of managing the family. In the professional field, women that excel and contribute great works for humankind are not recognized. In cultural aspects, women are “just” entertainment. In political aspect, women who are in a respective position are considered an inadequate leader, even with their proof of action.

In our country, there are laws for women such as National Women’s Day, Magna Carta of Women, Rape Victim Assistance and Protection Act of 1998, The Anti-Rape Law of 1997, Anti-Sexual Harassment of 1995, Assistance for small-scale women entrepreneurs, Anti-Violence Against Women and Their Children Act of 2004, Prohibition on Discrimination Against Women, Safe Spaces Act, and 105-Day Expanded Maternity Leave Law.

These laws could not have existed if women are treated equally with men since the beginning of injustice, unfairness, and competition of roles. But then again, even with these laws, women experience discrimination, sexual assault, and violence… in as small as a family, a community, a nation and in this world.

The women of before and the present have been fighting for one cause: to be respected.

Therefore, having a month dedicated for them is rightful because we get to acknowledge their integrity. Women have been and is continuously subjected for a lot of societal labels to make them feel less of a person. This is never right. Women are and should be treated equally and fairly with men. They should not feel scared on the streets because of the dangers men enforce on them. They should feel that they are secured throughout the day by themselves and not anxious when men are around. We have laws for the protection of women, but these laws are mere words if not done into accountable actions. The cycle should stop. Instead of teaching women not to be around or “attract” men, I strongly believe that men should be educated not to violate women.

Women empowerment recognizes every woman as a person. Women are always wary of their environment and their space because they feel like they are not enough, important or taken for granted for all their hard work and achievements. Women deserve the recognition and fairness in every aspect because it is their right. They should not be discriminated in the physical, mental, emotional, social, economic, and the professional aspect, virtually or in real time. How women treat the world with kindness and love should also be reciprocated to them.

Women are all “Wonder Woman”. They have been through experiences that are traumatic and unimaginable, yet they fight through the challenges of every day. They are part of making breakthroughs of importance to humanity, work thrice as hard with their passions and achieving their goals in life, and loves and forgives more.

Because of women’s hard work every waking up in the morning to the hour of going back to sleep, they deserve a healthy body. We recommend that they adhere to their proper hydration, which has a formula of 50 ml/ kg/ day and accompanied with 20 drops 4x a day of IONIQUE® Mineral Drops. Don’t forget to eat the right kind and amount of food, do exercise, and get some nature inspiration from their walks/run.

Most importantly, to all the women of this world, thank you for choosing to radiate the essence of courage, fairness, and love. Thank you for your bravery, magnificence, and existence: God’s wonderful masterpiece. We are one with you in this journey.

“The Lord makes firm the steps of she who delights in Him; though she may stumble, she will not fall for He upholds her with His hand.”

Psalm 37:23:24


Y - Yearns for a world of full respect, equality, and justice.

O - Overlooks their own problems to help others.

U - Unites in crisis and adversity.

A - Acts rationally with care.

R - Rekindles hope through meaningful conversations.

E - Emanates inspiration for the younger generation.

H - Heals through their comfort and love.

E - Envision themselves as an instrument of God to guide others.

A - Aligns their way of living, trust, and faith to the Lord.

R - Ready to serve the world from their hard-earned talents and skills.

D - Deserve to be fairly and equally treated as a person; like how Jesus loves every person on Earth regardless of human-made standards.



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