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We have just got into the month of January in the New Year of 2022. In the beginning, everything is supposed to be good. In the Book of Genesis of the Holy Bible, the first seven days of the Creation described God’s satisfaction and contentment and declared that everything He created were “good!” Before He created man, He sought to it that He had prepared everything that man needed to live, not only happily but also healthily. Thus, we should follow the simple principles or guidelines God ordered man after He created us.

The chronology of creation stated that God first created Heaven and earth, then light, followed by water, seas, vegetation and fruit trees, day, night, stars, fowls, sea creatures, cattle and various beasts and creeping things, and finally, man. Water was one of the priorities brought into existence. Why? Because water makes up approximately 70 percent of what man is made up of. Water plays vital roles in keeping the body truly healthy. Unknown to many who ignore and neglect water as their beverage of choice, water has five basic physiologic functions that maintains our health. These are represented by each letter of the word “w-a-t-e-r”. W – works to keep body cells toned. A – assists in weight loss. T- transports nutrients and oxygen throughout the body. E – eliminates acidic metabolic wastes and toxins out of the body, and R – regulates body temperature. The shortage of water in the bodily tissues and organs prevents these physiologic functions to manifest thus, affecting the daily health of a person.

Today, various media have enticed man to choose various commercial beverages over the more natural, healthier, more refreshing, mineral-rich God-prescribed water. As a result, we are witnessing increasing numbers of sick individuals including the existing pandemic. Why do I say so?

Try googling the “Cellular Theory of Disease Causation” conceptualized by Dr. Pierre Jacques Antoine Bechamp. He is a French physician and a contemporary of Louis Pasteur. It was just very unfortunate that he was not political like Louis Pasteur was. This made today’s mainstream medicine adopt the Germ Theory of Pasteur that brought complexities in the management of infectious disease including epidemics and pandemics.

The Cellular Theory states that disease, specifically infectious disease, results from an unhealthy, filthy environment. The theory claims that all matters are made up of simple enzyme known as the microzyma. These include the living as well as the dead. This enzyme is dormant and inactive in a healthy, clean environment. However, when the environment where it thrives in, termed by Dr. Bechamp as the “terrain” changes drastically into a dirty, acidic, unbalanced and unhealthy terrain, it causes the microzyma to transform into an organism that does its best to revert the changed environment back to its original alkaline, healthy and balanced terrain that is also rich in oxygen. For the microzyma to perform this transformation, it has to transform into a virus, bacterium or fungus. A virus results with minimal change and a fungus result with extreme change in the environment where the microzyma thrives in.

An analogy I can make here is the pet fish you love. As the water in the tank becomes filled with dirt and wastes from the fish and other elements, oxygen level decreases and the health of the fish will be affected in time. To sustain the fish’s health, you must change the water regularly. This is the simplest but the most logical care you can render. Vaccinating the fish is not the best option.

Dr. Bechamp stated that to prevent disease, we must create health through wholesome nutrition and environmental hygienic cleanliness. He placed importance to the cleanliness of the body’s internal environment. When these are observed, they become the keys to the prevention and success against all diseases and I believe that this concept will also conquer the pandemic, today’s nemesis that has affected all aspects of our lives the past two years.

Why do I believe that Dr. Bechamps theory would work? As a medical professional, I have been practicing this concept for the past 16 years. Instead of prescribing pharmaceutical products to patients, I introduced proper hydration coupled with mineral supplementation and I have witnessed amazing results. I have stayed away from COVID-19 by merely using the face mask entertaining patients. I wanted to experiment myself not wearing a face mask but the city ordinance does not allow me to do so. The intake of mineral supplements specifically magnesium chloride, selenium and zinc have further boosted my immune system and they have protected me the past two years.

In 1915, Prof. Pierre Delbet, a Military Surgeon, claimed that magnesium chloride is a very impressive infection fighter. It boosted the immune system by increasing the phagocytic power or the ability of the white blood cells to destroy pathogenic microorganisms by as much as 300 percent. Selenium oxidized the thiol groups in the virus protein disulfide isomerase rendering it unable to penetrate the healthy cell membrane and inhibits the entrance of viruses into healthy cells and abolishes their infectivity. Zinc plays a key role in the body’s immunity to bacteria, viruses and fungi. It decreases oxidative stress and halt the generation of inflammatory cytokines. Due to its inhibitory effect on viruses, the mineral works miraculously well in preventing and treating viral infections. Taking these minerals regularly will always keep you away from pathogenic microorganisms and also against new epidemics and pandemics that will probably arise in the near future.

The past two years, we have observed the numerous mutations that the SARS Corona virus-2 underwent. We now hear of the Omicron variant said to have mutated more than fifty times. This questions the effectivity of the present-day vaccines against the COVID-19. Numerous medical specialists in the United States have doubted the effectiveness of the COVID-19 vaccines since vaccines usually takes a decade to develop and their safety really assured. The less than a year creation of a vaccine puts doubts and safety concerns especially on its adverse effects on a prolonged period of time.

As a dedicated and sincere medical professional, I would still recommend God-created solutions to keep our bodies healthy. After all, He is our Creator and He knows what is best for our bodies to remain healthy. These are natural remedies found on this planet and no man-made solution will be better ever. Man should never play God and should stop playing God.

Dr. Alexis Carrel, Nobel Prize winner in the field of Physiology, 1912, stated that: “The cell is immortal. It is merely the fluid in which it floats that degenerate. Renew this fluid at intervals, give the cells what they require for nutrition, and the pulsation of life may go on forever.”

Let’s get back to the beginning. Remember, God declared, after the creation, that everything was good!!!



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