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Mary Jane O. Velasquez

“The righteous man walks in his integrity; His children are blessed after him.”

- Proverbs 20:7

Every year, we commemorate a day to celebrate a historical revolution, a loved one’s special day, and to remember a significant moment in time. This month is full of dates to reminisce and celebrate, one of which is for a special person in one’s life.

A father is a significant person in the life of a child. He completes the family and works hard to help finance their necessities. A child looks up to a father, believes that he is a superhero, who wears a cape to protect his family and provides security for the household. He also has a tough front, who guides his child with his experiences and pushes his child to do better and to never give up. Truly, our society is also composed of fathers that should proudly be presented: mothers, single mothers, grandmothers, godmothers/godfathers, LGBTQIA+ and the siblings that have raised their younger siblings. Most of us have different perceptions about what a father means to us. We all have a say as to how the father figure of our lives molded us on our journey. They may have been a source of a look-back, or an inspiration or motivation, as to the fulfillment of our dreams, or where we are now, as a successful individual. For your hard work and dedication in giving your child the best future, their growth with God and their success in life are worthwhile to witness.

This Father’s Day, we will witness an inspiration and an insight as to why he is called the "Father” of VER1REV Enterprise.

After his decision to serve the humankind by studying medicine for many years, he finally achieved the “M.D.” after his surname and chose Pediatrics as his field of specialty. He is named Dr. Renato U. Paragas. He conquered one of his dreams, but somehow the irony puzzled him. He is now a doctor, and he knows how to treat diseases using the knowledge he learned during his medical school, but why was his mother’s condition not healing and was still very sick? He referred his beloved mother to specialists but the treatment they prescribed did not work. Upon his mother’s demise, he blamed himself, for to protect his family from diseases and illness was the primary reason why he chose the medical profession.

With his questions still in mind, Dr. Paragas did not lose the courage to practice medicine. Instead, he channeled his curiosity from his mother’s condition into research, looking for the right answers. He questioned why the medicine protocols did not work and sought the proper solution to the disease. One day, he was introduced to a “water business” by a patient’s parent. He learned the amazing qualities of drinking water produced by his water purifier and was thrilled to have the best quality water that his patients needed because they belonged to the most fragile and delicate age group. He then discovered the importance of water and minerals on the human body. He now held the key to wholesome health and well-being. From this point on, he focused his career on sharing how the lack of the most ignored and most neglected essential nutrients namely, water and minerals, and the excess of toxins in the body resulted to disease and illness.

More fondly called as the “WATERDOK”, he is presently the Medical Director of VER1REV Enterprise. He continues to share his “Tubig at Mga Mineral” concept and prescribes only purified drinking water and mineral supplements such as IONIQUE® Minerals, Elemental Selenium®, Elemental Zinc and Copper® and Elete® to his patients that seek for a more natural, more effective, cost-friendly, and safe approach to their diseases and health. He is joined by many more leaders that believe in the wonders of water and minerals.

Before this pandemic happened, Dr. Paragas traveled nationwide, to urban cities or rural areas, to serve on his mission of making known the significance of water and minerals by prescribing both to every person who availed his free clinic. He went out of his specialization and now serves every age group. Did the pandemic stopped him from helping more? No. He still goes out to every product distribution outlet (PDO) of VER1REV Enterprise to conduct monthly check-ups, while serving a two-day check-up in the main office. During his check-ups, he assesses the patient professionally while sincerely explains every bit of information behind his prescriptions. He welcomes each person who seeks his services, even if the line exceeds more than 70.

Aside from those, “Waterdok” wrote books to discuss the main reasons why people get sick, the main reason for the onset of prevalent diseases such as diabetes and hypertension that are truly curable using his “Tubig at mga Mineral” concept. He still is on the process of completing his fourth book. He also publishes articles online monthly to reach many answer-seekers to their health condition, guests in radio programs weekly, answers query every day in his page, and conducts virtual seminar monthly. He does not only provide the solution to people’s illnesses, but also helps every person regardless of their status, age, race, sexuality, and cultural background. He gives what he can to the marginalized, he treats his employees as an equal, and he goes out of his way to help in every way he can.

With his genuine service, dedication, selflessness, humility, compassion, and mission to the world, he is loved by many. Most of all, he never forgets to be grateful to God. Because of this, Dr. Paragas is not only the “father” of VER1REV Enterprise and “father” of “Tubig at Mga Mineral” concept, but also a father who follows the footsteps of Jesus and spreads the good news. He is a great example of a father figure to all of us. Happy Father’s Day to the only WATERDOK!

Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers! May WATERDOK’s story give you hope and courage that nothing is impossible when you set your hearts and minds into it. May you continue to inspire your children in reaching their dreams and in leading them to the path of Jesus. May God bless you always!

“For you know that we dealt with each of you as a father deals with his own children, encouraging, comforting, and urging to live lives worthy of God, who calls you into His kingdom and glory.” 1 Thessalonians 2:11-12


F – Faith is placed on the Lord and shares it with his children;

A – Accepts their children wholeheartedly;

T – Trains their children by molding their inner strengths;

H – Hears their reasoning calmly and attentively;

E – Explores the world with their family;

R – Respectable, responsible and reasonable;

S – Supports their family by establishing Christ in the center and spending quality time with them.



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