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by Mary Jane O. Velasquez

“Every human being is the author of his own health and disease.” - Buddha

When I wrote my first blog, it was about how mankind has abused the creation of God that it caused one of the most dangerous consequences to human life: a massive virus outbreak to the world. It was about two months since the first transmission of COVID-19 was recorded in the Philippines. It was the first two months that everyone was full of fear, uncertainty, and doubt with one another.

After a year of living with restraints to society and establishing a new normal, we witnessed how the pandemic has been infecting one people after another, either greatly increased or lessened in a month. We were getting used to every protocol by now that when establishments have finally opened, more and more people were starting to get comfortable with going outside. Indeed, everyone longed for the regular days and was starting to look at the bright side.

Two weeks before this day, there was another breaking news of a virus outbreak coming from a new strain of Sars-Cov-2 which is B117 that was discovered in United Kingdom. This led to strict lockdown during the holidays and alarmed countries around the world, therefore banning flights to and from the said country.

This page one of our 2021, we all hoped for a virus-free year, but what happened is a deja vu of the pandemic. Maybe we'll have to brace ourselves again with the dreadful phase of panic-buying of masks, hoarding of foods and lockdown for months.

The question is, did we not learn from our experiences with the COVID-19 pandemic that it resulted to another consequence, which is its mutated form?

Everyone experienced going back to one. Mankind was equal in the economy and in the society because the businesses and the rich were humbled. But what is its disadvantage? The poor families suffered more. Everyone was holding tight to their money that sharing with the people in need was not an option. If what is inside of us holds negative attitudes, then we also attract more negativity to our bodies.

During the lockdown phase, streets were sanitized and it was clean. Now, if we look outside, the pollution remained worse because used face masks are all over the ground. Mankind may have gone back to one but taking care of the environment was not given importance. If our surroundings are dirty, then more microorganisms and parasites will be present and we will always be facing the threat of infectious diseases.

To give more emphasis, in terms of health, mankind prioritized living in a healthy state but did not see its value. They became complacent that the COVID-19 was not infecting more people than before that they went back to ingesting junk foods and synthetic beverages.

The answer to our question is yes. We have been violating the laws of nature continuously, and we are not learning from our mistakes.

The body that we have right now is the temple of God. Taken from 1 Corinthians 6:19-20, “Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; you were bought at a price. Therefore, honor God with your bodies.”

We have violated the temple of God by accumulating toxins and depriving ourselves with the healthy approach. “If we go back to the world of medicine, remember that Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, said, ‘Illnesses do not come upon us out of the blue. They are developed from small daily sins against Nature. When enough sins have accumulated, illnesses will suddenly appear.’ From the start, we have our loving nature to supply us with our needs. We have plants and animals to provide for us food. We have abundance in water and soil. We have been blessed with the rays of the sun which is the main energy of the Earth. But with every invention that we made, we have turned the nature that is supposed to be the solution to our body's greatest hungers to a man-made one. We have turned the only accepted beverage of man, which is water, to juices, especially powdered ones, milk, coffee, energy drinks, and alcohol drinks. We have turned plants into instant seasonings and instant desserts. We have turned meat and poultry to canned goods. We have turned natural rice to instant noodles. We have turned natural snacks like fresh fruits, boiled eggs, bread, and nuts into junk foods. Because we wanted to have an easier life, everything that we are now living is instant. And in everyday that we prefer to eat these instant foods, we have "accumulated the sins" inside of us, therefore making us vulnerable to sickness. Now you know how the diseases inside of us starts: by not eating the right kind of food, not drinking the only acceptable beverage, and not strengthening our immune system with vitamins and most especially, essential minerals. “

But fear not, we can still make up for it.

By knowing and doing an action with the “right” and avoiding the “wrong”.

Dr. Renato "Waterdok" Paragas, the medical director of VER1REV Enterprise, emphasizes his concept on “Tubig at mga Mineral” which is the most rational answer to one's wellness in health. He is strongly dedicated to his concept of drinking water with IONIQUE® Concentrated Mineral Drops and has been sharing this regime to thousands of people across the Philippines for 15 years now. His concept has helped thousands of people with different types of diseases, however long or short it has existed on the body, however severe or mild, and the impossible turning to a possible.

Coronavirus-19 and B117 are viruses that causes infection. In our body, if there is an infectious virus, bacteria or fungi present, it means that our systems are full of their food: which is why they are called "scavengers". They eat on the accumulated toxins inside our body.

When we are religious in taking care of our body, doing our proper hydration and taking essential minerals with a healthy lifestyle, we shouldn't panic on the threats of any infection or any type of disease because every drop of IONIQUE® Minerals contains 72 macro and trace minerals that helps the cells with their vital functions and strongly boosts the immune system to fight off foreign microorganisms. With this routine, our bodies are constantly cleansed, becomes "healthy", and is 100% protected.

We can now glorify the temple of God that have been living with us since day one, and take care of it more by not contributing to pollution and not acting on sins that causes more harm to our bodies.

May we always remember to value our health because it is one of the greatest blessings that God has bestowed upon us.

May our new year be filled with commitment and dedicated action towards wholesome health, giving importance to our environment, and sharing our love with one another.

“Let water and minerals – the magnificent, life-sustaining creations of God – be the answers to your fervent prayers for health and healing.” – Dr. Renato U. Paragas


I- Innately connected to our Holy Spirit;

S- Sustains each second that we live;

O- Obliged to take in what we ingest;

U- Unites our mind and soul;

R- Receives the most neglect from us;

B- Becomes our number one blessing to achieve our life purpose;

O- Outstanding in its miraculous way to let our mind think, our heart beat, and our body move;

D- Deals with more damage every day from excess of toxins and lack of essential nutrients;

Y- Yearns for genuine care for health 24/7 in order for us to serve God’s purpose unwavering.



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