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It was by the end of the Year 2019 when SARS-Corona virus 2 struck Wuhan, China. By the early quarter of the Year 2020, pandemic was declared worldwide. People, including medical experts on infectious diseases, got lost and confused on how to control this “dreaded” infection. Their loss and confusion are evident by the death of numerous medical doctors, nurses and other medical personnel. Today, the incidence has risen again, causing some areas to upgrade the state Community Quarantine to prevent further spreading of the disease.

To control the pandemic, medical experts have developed various types of vaccines, believing that this will stop the pandemic. However, in our country, it seems that the cases COVID-19 rose few weeks after the vaccination was introduced. This statement might be regarded as false or irresponsible but to what can we attribute the sudden increase of COVID-19 cases? People were still doing what they did when the cases were decreasing. The example I can give is in our locality. Several doctors were reported to be COVID-19 positive after they had their vaccinations. Other vaccinated individuals may claim otherwise but the type of vaccine utilized matters.

As a practicing medical doctor, I have never worn a face shield nor personal protective equipment (PPE) for more than a year. During the initial period that the community quarantine was declared, I did not wear face mask attending to my patient. I even got in direct contact with patients, no barriers in between. I began using face mask only when I was advised that I will be charged criminally since wearing face mask is a city ordinance. The reason I hesitated to wear the protective gears was that I wanted to prove that as long as one’s immune system is healthy, he/she won’t be affected by the pandemic. History taught us that a healthy body is a better defense against any disease including infectious diseases such as COVID-19.

Dr. Pierre Jacques Antoine Bechamp, known as the world’s greatest physician, conceptualized the Cellular Theory of Disease Causation. The concept teaches us that to prevent disease, we have to create health. He mentioned two important factors that we have to observe to remain healthy. First, the importance of a wholesome nutrition. By providing every cell of the body with complete, balanced and proper nutrients, the body will remain healthy. Optimal functioning of the cells will keep the body away from disease. Six essential nutrients are vital: carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals and water. Of the six essential nutrients, minerals and water are the most ignored and neglected. Without minerals, the first four essential nutrients cannot be absorbed and utilized by the body. Water helps in the absorption, distribution and assimilation of nutrients and without it, the nutrients cannot provide the cells of the energy they require to sustain life. Nutritional deficiency plays a very critical role in building a strong immune system.

Second, the elimination of excess toxins out of the body. As the term denotes, toxins are substances that weaken and damage the cells resulting to their deterioration and possibly, death. With the fast-paced lifestyle of people today, they often cater to instant foods, processed foods and refined foods that do not only provide them poor nutrition but the added chemicals such as food preservatives, artificial flavors and colorings, instant seasonings, etc. contribute more to the effects of accumulated acidic metabolic wastes present in the bodily systems. These acidic metabolic wastes such as ammonia, uric acid, carbonic acid, urea, etc., accumulate when not properly eliminated through the kidneys and poison and weaken the cells. Dead cells are foods of pathogenic germs and cause the multiplication and increase in the population of pathogenic microorganisms resulting to infection.

Dr. Bechamp boldly declared that the unhealthy, unbalanced terrain where the bodily cells thrive is the primary cause of disease just like a fish that thrives in a filthy water. Common sense dictates that the first act one does to save the “sick” fish is to replace the dirty water with cleaner water to save the fish. This is also the reason of fish kills in most fish cages and ponds. No fisherman would give medication to the fish in an unhealthy environment to make it healthier.

My recommendation to effectively fight the worsening pandemic is to create a healthier internal environment, our inner terrain rather than searching for a vaccine or medicine that will combat COVID-19. A healthier and stronger immune system will not only help us fight the present pandemic but it will also prevent us from facing numerous epidemics and pandemics in the future. Prevention is always better than cure.

For the past 25 years, my practice is to drink water only at a volume of 50 milliliters per kilogram body weight per day (50 ml per KBW per day). Drink purified water preferably processed through reverse osmosis so purchase your drinking water from an accredited water refilling station. Beware that there are several water purifiers that do not function effectively to eliminate all the contaminants in water. Before drinking this water, supplement it with IONIQUE Mineral Drops to replenish the lost minerals during purification. I recommend IONIQUE Mineral Drops over other mineral supplements because it is food-grade sourced, 100 percent natural, contains at least 72 minerals per drop, and provides the health-giving ionic minerals required by the body to sustain health and life. Its main ingredient is magnesium chloride, a substance that increases the capability of the white blood to destroy and eliminate pathogenic microorganisms by as much as 300 percent. Dr. Gary Price Todd, author of Nutrition, Health and Disease, declared that the human body needs at least 60 trace minerals in order to maintain a disease- and ailment-free state.

I recommend that you drink water only because it is the best cleansing agent. Other beverages do not eliminate the acidic metabolic wastes and toxins from the body effectively. I have witnessed several individuals taking IONIQUE Mineral Drops together with other beverages and they are not well protected against possible infection. God only created water as man’s thirst quencher and rehydrating fluid. Defying God’s mandate is like disobeying the instruction manual provided by the manufacture for the best operation of a device or equipment. In my practice, 98 percent of the patients do not drink water as the primary beverage of choice despite the fact that the adult human body is at least 70 percent water.

To conclude, to prevent and overcome the pandemic, pay close attention to matters that strengthen the immune system that fights every kind of infection and disease. I reiterate what Dr. Bechamp declared almost 200 years ago – T0 PREVENT DISEASE, WE HAVE TO CREATE HEALTH. To do this, he emphasized the importance of wholesome nutrition and environmental, hygienic cleanliness as the keys to the prevention and success against all diseases. Provide the body with all the essential nutrients it needs, most especially minerals and water, the most ignored and neglected nutrients. Eliminate as much acidic metabolic wastes and toxins through proper mineral nutrition and intake of proper volume of “mineralized” water daily. Cater to God-given solutions rather than man-created measures to fight and overcome the pandemic. People often pray for healing but they seldom accept God-given answers to their prayers.

After more than a year, I still entertain patients with merely a face mask as my “protective” device. I still believe that a good history taking with thorough physical examination is the best key to resolve my patient’s physical sufferings.

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