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by: MJ O. Velasquez

“For the vision awaits an appointed time; it testifies of the end and does not lie. Though it lingers, wait for it, since it will surely come and will not delay.” Habbakuk 2:3

It was the most awaited event of the year. Months ahead of preparation have been on set to make this event successful. The 10th year anniversary started earliest in the first week of January, when various Wellness Consultants posted their video entries with following the theme “IONIQUE@10”, as well as the “Sharing #IONIQUE Love” promo that was launched on its page.

On February 25, 2023, the event proper started with a bicycade at 8:00 AM. A total of 200 cyclists from six bicycle clubs attended the event. They were equipped with eye-catching red and blue flaglets with IONIQUE logo, blue balloons, and arm sleeves printed with “ELETE” and “IONIQUE”. The members of VER1REV Enterprises Corporation (VEC), together with Mr. Bruce Anderson, distributed packed nuts to well-wishers at the bicycade. The cyclists were filled with cheerful greets and satisfied course run around the heart of Naga City.

The main event commenced at 1:00 PM at Dona Jamora Hall of the Villa Caceres Hotel, Naga City, Camarines Sur. It was spearheaded by a heartfelt doxology and followed by a prayer led by Mary Jane O. Velasquez. It was proceeded with the singing of the Philippine National Anthem and the Naga City Theme Song. Right after, the masters of ceremony, Mr. Manuel Estandarte III and Ms. Lodelaine Bautista vibrantly entered the hall. They introduced themselves, had the audience in awe that the lovely hosts came from Metro Manila. They enthusiastically welcomed the audiences that physically attended the event and those who did online through the Zoom meeting.

It was followed by a short video message from Bro. Bo Sanchez, a well-known Filipino Catholic preacher, expressing his congratulatory message, wishes and regards to Dr. Paragas, Ma’am Vernie, and to the two companies, Ionique Mineral Resources Philippines Corporation and VER1REV Enterprises Corporation, for a wonderful decade of “Tubig at Mineral”, IONIQUE love and genuine service.

This was followed by the welcome remarks of Ms. Sheryl S. Ravanilla, the General Manager of Naga City Branch and the co-host of the radio program “Tubig at mga Mineral ni Waterdok”. She expressed her experiences in the company, witnessing the people that were blessed by the concept Tubig at mga Mineral: Sagot sa Kalusugan!”. She also thanked Dr. Paragas and Dr. Opalla for accepting her in the company, along with their generosity and genuine service.

After Ms. Ravanilla's speech, the hosts warmly introduced the teachers from San Jose North Elementary School for the opening dance number. Before we accomplished our dreams, our teachers make us realize what we want to become, and we are not in our standing in life if not for them. Indeed, they were truly admirable.

After their performance, the guest speaker for this year was introduced: Mr. Bruce Hartley Anderson, the President, CEO and Co-Owner of Mineral Resources International. The key takeaway from his speech was his gratitude for the partnership with Dr. Paragas and Dr. Opalla, a decision that he never regretted and was proud to make. He had also placed emphasis on having integrity, faith, and believing that God has entrusted you with everything, you just have to work for it and that it should help the needs of people: for example, in MRI IONIQUE CMD that addresses our health. He took note that one of their missionaries here said that the main problem of the poor sector in the Philippines is poor nutrition, and having a deterring health can affect many more factors in one's life. This is why equipping ourselves with essential nutrients is important in our daily life.

After his warm speech, he presented a Plaque of Recognition to VEC and IMRPC for another year of partnership with MRI. At the same time, the VEC and IMRPC also gave him a Plaque of Recognition.

It was followed by the introduction of the hosts to the most-awaited part of the event, the presentations of the five branches. Their works should be aligned to the theme "IONIQUE through the decade". The first groups to present were IONIQUE MINERALS CUBAO and IONIQUE MINERALS IRIGA. Both garnered cheers from the crowd, notably more for Iriga City. Cubao branch presented a musical and family scenario, while Iriga branch presented a storytelling video.

After the two presentations, the WATERDOK song video was played. This led to the introduction of Renato U. Paragas, M.D., the Medical Director of VEC and the CEO of IONIQUE Mineral Resources Philippines Corporation (IMRPC). His heartfelt speech comprised of his gratitude for everyone in the company, including the leaders, employees, and to the persons that trust him, his concept, and his service for the past 10 years. Indeed, the companies would not be going strong through the years without Dr. Paragas compassionate service and dedication to spread his concept of managing diseases. He also reflected on the struggles of how he and his partner run the company as they had little capital to start with and they had very minimal experience in business as he is a Medical Doctor and Ma’am Vernie was an elementary school teacher. Even in hardships, they never backed down; they studied on how to make it work, evolve, and asked consistently for God’s grace, and it led them to this memorable moment.

This was followed by the presentation of IONIQUE MINERALS DAVAO and IONIQUE MINERALS NAGA. Cheers were heard for both groups, with Naga City's side more dominating. Davao presented a song video, while Naga City showed a dance and re-enactment of their work as employees.

After the presentations, the emcees introduced Dr. Opalla through a video clipping that depicted her gratefulness in all the works she engaged in the past 10 years.

Vernie C. Opalla, Ph.D., the President of VEC and COO of IMRPC, reflected on her life journey and summarized everything through the word "FAITH". She expounded on it through the letters comprising the word-Faithful, Action, Integrity, Trustworthy, Humility - these five words served to be her power anchor in life. Being faithful that God had planned everything for her and saying "YES" to His calling, accepting His plans and will through action with consistency, having integrity in her everyday decisions, being trustworthy in her business dealings, and showing humility despite the success. These words were also noted by the audience as they reflected on her words. She also expressed her gratitude to every person who has been there for her since the beginning.

After her heart-warming and lesson-giving speech, the presentation of the IONIQUE MINERALS CEBU Team was played. Cebu also garnered thundering applause from the crowd as they presented a poetic piece that summarized 10 years of IONIQUE.

This was proceeded with the playing of IONIQUE Success Stories; one from the health aspect of the concept given by Mr. Tony Carino, a stage 3 colon cancer survivor; and one from the business side given by Mr. and Mrs. Briton and Joy Rabe of PDO Danao City, Cebu.

A simple snack was served after the IONIQUE Success Stories. During the snack, a serenade was conducted by Mr. Christian Jave O. Velasquez and Ms. Grace Barrameda. They sang three love songs beautifully, with notable stares and hand gestures toward each other, expressing their love through the music.

After the snacks, everyone was invited to participate in a dance with the remix of the song “Through The Years”. Participants danced energetically while swaying their red and blue ribbons. The dance was led by Mr. and Mrs. Evan and Charm Obias. Smiles were evident and laughter filled the hall as everyone wished the fun never ended.

Then came the most awaited part of the event, the giving of awards hosted by Ms. Louise Janie O. Velasquez. First, a Plaque of Appreciation was given to the emcees, Mr. Manuel L. Estandarte III, and Ms. Lodelaine T. Bautista. It was followed by giving of the Plaque of Recognition to the best IONIQUE Success Stories, Mr. Antonio S. Cariño (“Tubig at mga Mineral” Concept), and Mr. & Mrs. Briton & Joy Rabe (Business Opportunity), and to the Branch Managers: Mrs. Ana U. Sabinorio (IMRPC), Ms. Sheryl S. Ravanilla (Naga City), Mr. Mark Anthony B. Bibay (Iriga City), Mr. Edilberto C. Alagdon (Cubao), Mr. Jason N. Espiritu (Cebu City), and Mr. Janmor L. Morales (Davao City). Special Awards were given to the Wellness Consultants that anchored the radio program “Tubig at mga Mineral” in their respective municipalities and cities: Mr. Dean Gerald O. Climaco (Partido District, Camarines Sur), Mr. Marvin B. Sabinorio (Rinconada District, Camarines Sur), Ms. Angelina B. Daquis (Naga City), and Ms. Jocylene N. Naz (Albay Province).

Plaques of Recognition were awarded to the 2022 Top 10 Product Distribution Channels (PDC), with each PDC received a distinct cash prize plus assorted MRI Products worth Php10,000.00. The winners were: Diamond Multi-Line Cooperative (Goa, Camarines Sur), Php15,000.00; 3JnI Health and Wellness Products Trading (Naga City), Php13,000.00; Mishael’s Wellness Marketing (Digos City, Davao del Sur), Php12,000.00; DCSL’S Health Care Products Trading (Lagonoy, Camarines Sur), Php11,000.00; RTTEE Management Consultancy (Sta. Cruz, Manila), Php10,000.00, Healthy.Noypi Health Products Retailing (Carmona, Cavite), Php9,000.00; A.M. D’One Marketing (Buhi, Camarines Sur), Php8,000.00; CJBR Consumer Goods Trading (Danao City, Cebu), Php7,000.00; Robina’s Wellness Center (Iriga City, Camarines Sur), Php6,000.00; and Ethan’s Health and Wellness Product Trading (Nabua, Camarines Sur), Php5,000.00.

The Plaques of Achievement were also given to the 2022 Active Product Distribution Channels, with each PDC receiving Php5,000.00 worth of assorted MRI Products. The awardees were: A.M. D’One Marketing; DCSL’S Health Care Products and Trading; Diamond Multi-Line Cooperative; DG Minerale Vitae Food Supplement Retailing; Ethan’s Health and Wellness Product Trading; Healthy.Noypi Health Products Retailing; JVT Alipante Sari Sari Store; Mishael’s Wellness Marketing, N.I.N.E Food Supplement Trading; Robina’s Wellness Center; RTTEE Management Consultancy; and 3JnI Health and Wellness Products Trading.

Two Product Distribution Channels were given the Plaque of Loyalty to commemorate their strong membership for 10 years. The first PDC was Mishael’s Wellness Marketing of Digos City, Davao del Sur, which also received assorted MRI products worth Php100,000.00. This was followed by a special presentation made by the Diamond Multi-line Cooperative from Goa, Camarines Sur. Aside from the Plaque of Loyalty, it received a special gift of 2022 Red Mica Metallic Toyota Innova 2.8E Diesel Automatic Transmission. Upon its announcement, the group jumped over their seats and shouted for joy. The crowd was awed and applauded the winning team.

The winners of the IONIQUE@10 1-minute video promotion were as follow: Elenita Salopesa; Marisa Dacillo; Manuel Estandarte III; Ian Albert Daquis; Marvin Sabinorio; Ivy Cailao; Dean Gerald Climaco; Jona Bibay; Eddie Caño; and Robina Velasquez. Each winner received a cash prize worth Php3,000.00 plus Php5,000.00 worth of assorted MRI Products. The judges of the videos were: Renato U. Paragas, M.D., Vernie C. Opalla, Ph.D., and Ms. Preciosa Briola.

Then came the most awaited part, the awarding of the group presentation presented by the staff of the various branches. The fifth place went to IONIQUE Minerals Davao, garnering a score of 71.20. It received a prize of Php10,000.00. The fourth place went to IONIQUE Minerals Cubao, with a score of 87.00. It received the prize of Php20,000.00. The third place went to IONIQUE Minerals Naga, which had an average score of 91.40, and received the prize of Php30,000.00. The second place went to IONIQUE Minerals Cebu, with a score of 91.60, and received the prize of Php40,000.00. The grand first place went to IONIQUE Minerals Iriga City, which garnered the score of 91.80 and a cash prize worth Php50,000.00. The Board of Judges comprised of Donna V. Demafelis, M.D.; Rev. Fr. Philip Francis Bersabe, O.P.; Mr. Bruce Anderson; Renato U. Paragas, M.D.; and Vernie C. Opalla, Ph.D.

The awarding ceremony ended with the awarding of the winners of those who joined the “Sharing #IONIQUE Love” promo covering the period from January 18, 2023 to February 18, 2023. The following winners received one 60 ml bottle of IONIQUE Mineral Drops: Aljan Hernandez Imperial Lds, Angela Esther Dimabayao, Armando Toress Adan, April Anne Badong Bibay, Ana Uriarte, Bri O La, Charm Francisco-Obias, Cerliyn RoseloMasbate Decena, Consorcia Pandes, Cram Luap Mid, Dyona R. Victorino-Bibay, Edna Asay, Evan Obias, Ermelinda Abaja, Evelyn Mendoza, Flora Marpuri, Felpa Espinas, Francia Pineda, Dean Climaco, Danioaven Raveri Ralc, Gilbert Del Valle Palinas, Glazer Christophe Miquiabas Ampoloquio, Helen Franco Cariño, Imago Dei, Jose Fornela Jalipa, Josielyn Obias, Joseph M. Dimabayao, オパリア ジ ン (Jean Opalla), Kee Realla, Ki Kay, Kimzelle Bilandal, Kir Vy Ampz, Lorina Adan, Lilia Librero, Lydia Payen Delarosa, Letty Climaco, Lyn Pacao Climaco, Leo Obiña Dador, Mariz Pandaan Dacillo, Maja Nagrampa, Marcos Badz, Marlon Canuto, Marvin Sabinorio, Mishelle Opalla, Monaliza Odiamar Escriba, Ma Theresa Dimabayao, Meann Tee, Maria Mila Cena, Melda Elyong Reyes-Victorino, Nelia Sato Ampoloquio, Nhing Salopesa, Norz Canda, Norma Vergara, Obias C Joy, Rico Tanjay, Rhiza Coyoca Peña, Rhea Victorino, Rommel Garcial, Ruby E. Oida-Velasquez, Sheryl S. Ravanilla, Troy Sente, Tony Carino, Teresita P. Abellana, Yuh RI, and Zosimo Amplayo.

After that, Ms. Ana U. Sabinorio, the General Manager of IMRPC, led the raffles-with-a-twist. She let the audiences, both online and in the venue, chose their favorite colored ribbons, either red or blue, that was used during the dance held earlier. She then gathered them into two groups, red or blue. The red group received one 120 ml bottle of IONIQUE Mineral Drops and the blue group received one 60 ml bottle. All attendees were happy winners and none went home empty handed.

The event ended with the company song of IMRPC. Everyone took the opportunity to take photos with the executives of the three companies. The audiences in the Zoom were also poured their love and appreciation for the persons behind the companies. The hall was filled with love, laughter, and warm embrace for a successful celebration of 10 years of IONIQUE love.

On behalf of the companies, I thank you all for celebrating with us a decade full of compassionate service for mankind. May God continue to bless us all and to God be the Highest Glory!


I – Inspires mankind to have a healthy life.

O – Offers a natural way of managing diseases.

N – Nurtures the bond of nutrition to one’s body.

I – Initiates selfless act of service.

Q – Qualities of faithfulness, integrity, and humility are evident.

U – Unifies groups promoting the same advocacy.

E – Envisions a country that prioritizes health in essential nutrients.

@ - Attentive to the health calls of our kababayans.

T – Tender-caring for one another and everyone that they meet.

E – Earnest to their purpose of helping every person.

N – Now and forever, firmer in their mission, embracing more the will of God by sharing most sincerely the IONIQUE love.

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